DC Thar Nawaz Sohoo Orders For Speed Breakers To Prevent Road Accidents

The deputy commissioner Tharparkar, Mohammad Nawaz Sohhoo taking the strong notice of the public demand has directed the concerned officials to erect the speed breakers at the proper public places especially on Thar Coal Road to avoid the fatalities of Tharis in the road accidents and mishaps.

Mr Sohho issued the directions to executive engineer of works and service department , Mirpurkhas circle and to the to SSP Tharparkar on the application submitted to him by a known activist Akbar Dars and some otter residents, keeping in the view of the irreparable loss of human lives during the recent accidents mainly due to reckless driving and unavailability of the speed-breakers, barriers, bumps, required barricades at various points on the roads in the desert district.

He said that it was noticed with grave concern that the traffic accidents on the roads were being reported on a daily basis, which caused the loss of the innocent human lives of animals.” Keeping in view, the public demands it is requested to please construct the speed breakers at the proper public places and manage the barriers as per approved specification/standards with signboards, cat-eyes and colouring at the earliest in the public interest to avert more such accidents” added the notice.

Mr Sohoo when contacted said that it was very unfortunate that some people had lost due to the reckless driving by the coach and dumper drivers especially on Thar Coal roads adding he said that it was the responsibility of the all the people to abide by the rulers and driver keeping in the curves and ups and downs on the roads due sandy dunes. Mr Sohoo talking to this reporter said that the government had laid the road network in most parts of the desert district to provide easy access to people of remote villages to towns and nobody would be allowed to break the traffic laws and create the nuisance for other commuters.

Advocate Shankar Lal Rathore and some other lawyers also filed their petitions in Sindh High Court Hyderabad requesting the court to summon the officials and direct them to ensure the safety of the commuters travelling on the roads. ” As many as 15 people including youths have lost their lives due to reckless and rash driving by the passenger buses, coasters, dumpers and other vehicles on Thar Coal Road in the recent days” added Mr Rathore in his petition which was accepted by the double bench, comprising Justice Salluddin Panhwar and Justice Mohammad Umar Siyal and fixed the date on February 3, for the hearing in the circuit bench in Hyderabad.

The justices of the double bench also issued the notices to the officials of various departments to appear in the court and submit their reports.

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