CAA Staff at Karachi Airport Feedback

CAA staff at Karachi airport

This is to appreciate CAA staff at Karachi airport. I needed emergency medicine, which the Departure Lounge pharmacy said was out of stock. However, the Terminal Manager n a lady staffer went out of their way to procure the said medicine. I hope she would do the same with a common man not known to anyone. Kaiser Bengali is one of the finest people around. Never seen him conduct himself with anything but dignity.

Hospitality is a part of their training. It’s a good thing if they doing their jobs honestly. For acknowledging and appreciating the work of those lower than you on social ladder. In this country such people do not exist from the point of view of those who enjoy their services. CAA and its staff is highly responsible towards their duties. I hope that this streak carries on.

I also had a very pleasant experience with CAA Islamabad Last month when my nephew flight to Dubai was about to take off and he had no paper-visa at hand. Terminal manager helped him by getting his visa through WhatsApp, got printed and board him to flight at eleventh hour. Karachi airport’s ambiance and facilities are still very very basic – for a city this big, the airport is just a basic bored structure reminding us of the 90s but then, what else has evolved for good in Karachi.

Staff of CAA always caring about their Passengers and committed to facilitate as much as they can. My positive experience with CAA staff at Karachi Airport, I remained anonymous. That is what is creditable. Sometimes we experience an extremely courtesy service from our public organizations, that we can’t imagine that we are in west or somewhere else. Always appreciate the org. When you receive some good service. Kudos to CAA staff for helping.

Keep up the good work CAA.



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