How to Tackle Post Covid Fatigue

How to Tackle Post Covid Fatigue

Covid’s effects are long lasting like any other pandemic. Post covid fatigue is real. What are some ways you got back to 100%? Though the experiences of post covid effects vary from person to person depending on various factors, fatigue is one common thing.

In one study 30% of Covid patients had symptoms like fatigue that lasted 6 months. You’ll just have to be patient. Have a daily routine. No compromise on sleep. Clean food. Up the nutrition: Nuts & antioxidants heavy fruits/food. 30 min in sun daily is also good. Will nuts gonna help along with cough? I think so. I don’t think there’s a direct correlation but they’re great for healing. Vitamins + Minerals.

Lots of rest. It’s very frustrating. Also weird desire for red meat. Rest, rest and more rest plus a few filets mignons worked well for me. Yakhni really helped me. Other than that taking it slow at work and less exertion for at least 2 weeks post recovery. yes that really works. God help us all. Mine still continues, even after a month. The only way is through diet, healthy, immunity boosting diet with infusion of herbs and spices. It’s a nasty, vile disease.

I’ve got answers! First acknowledge that it really does take 3-4 weeks, so rest, rest and rest some more. Get A LOT of sleep. Supplements: one with all the vitamin Bs, Zinc, a lot of vitamin D and also E, and one with copper-gold-silver! It’s weird but I was born anew after that. If you have a lingering cough, there are some breathing techniques to help it subside. I found a very good guide on the NHS site precisely for lingering covid cough.

I couldn’t do a shoulder stand for months so just be easy on yourself but do not give up on exercise, walk and healthy eating! Eat in small portions throughout the day. Recovery stage at times requires inhalers & steroids – mild dose. Check with doctor. Yakhni + grapefruit juice vitamin D3 & B12 + sunshine. Your body has just fought off an invasion of a very hostile infection. We need to learn to listen to the signals our body sends us.

It still lingers on. I haven’t got my sense of taste back either. It feels as if I have scalded my tongue by hot tea and am eating after that. You can’t get back to 100%. Take immunity boosters it will help you but your body won’t function like before covid. Also start with some breathing exercises to relax the body. I agree it will take time so plenty of green veggies, salad and make sure you walk. Walking. Hydration, like hardcore hydration. Orange juice. Frequent screen breaks.

Include yakhni, dates, injeer and fresh fruits in your daily meals. Consult a good homeopathic practitioner. It really works. Multivitamins. Specifically vitamin D supplements. You will regain strength, it will take time, depends on ur diet. No junk food, snacks. Full cream milk, dry fruits, boiled eggs, dates, mutton, desi chicken, seasonal fruits. Continue to take surbex z, cac 1000+ etc. as doc prescribes. Morning walks in fresh air but increase slowly, don’t push urself, no serious physical exertion. Don’t worry if u begin to gain weight, ur body will give u the signal when fully rejuvenated.


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