Who Are Fiza and Shiza Full Uncut Real Story

Who Are Fiza and Shiza Full Uncut Real Story

So who are these Fiza and Shiza and what have they done to deserve such attention in the social media. The quality of Pakistani dramas is falling like dead tree for sometime but now it has crossed yet another milestone with this blunder of Fiza and Shiza.

I don’t get one thing, how did Shiza and Fiza sign the Nikkahnama? Was the groom’s name blank? And how on earth did Fiza and Faraz consummate their marriage in under 5 minutes? Like poor Shiza was just like Assalam Alaikum Bhai jan and her sister was like give it to me now?

For those who want to know the whole story of this fiza fest, see this blog post in salient features by Rimsha Salam:

  • Identical twins (F) marry fraternal twins(M).
  • Another girl has a crush on a fraternal twin (M) asks mom (phopo of grooms) to sabotage.
  • Phopo switches room on wedding night.
  • Grooms go to wrong rooms. One of them consummate the marriage before finding out they aren’t with their spouses.The twin(f) that did the deed tries suicide, fails.
  • Mom of fraternal sons suspects phopo of switching rooms intentionally accuses her asks her to take half on Quran.
    Phopo lies and takes the oath to save ass.
  • They talk to mufti and come up with a solution, both will divorce and cross marry each others wives.
  • Meanwhile the girl with the crush gets desperate they plan to manipulate again send doctored pics of female twins to spouses.
  • The male twins family fall for it, divorce and call off the relationships.
  • Crush proceeds to marry the obsessed girl but she dies in a fire.
  • The phopo her mom cries holds the Quran confesses and apologizes to the females twins.
  • Happily ever after.
  • The end.

Yes save yourself a torment and don’t watch it.

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