Mitchell Jam in Pakistan Memories

Apparently my parents used to get this jam in Lahore in the 1960s and remember it fondly, so I decided to try it today. (can anyone from Pakistan confirm whether this was available in Lahore in the 1960s, or am I making that up?)

Thank you for all the responses. I’m happy that this triggered nice family memories for others. All the orange marmalade comments reminded me: my parents were always fans of marmalade in Dhaka in 80s, even though I learned from my father that the apple jam (not mango) was more popular in the hostels in the 1960s. My parents attended government college and Fatimah Jinnah medical college respectively. My most favorite from Mitchell’s Marmalades’ is Rose and Lime Marmalade. Had it decades ago but can’t forget the pleasure it gave to my taste buds.

Always been available. Comes from the Mitchell’s Fruit farms in Renala Khurd. I think MPA-Friday Times’ Jugnu Mohsin’s father owns it. But now there’s a new brand named ‘Renala Orchards’, very similar to the Mitchel’s; lately the taste of Mitchel’s products has changed for worse. Someone told me that there was a dispute between the partners and they have parted ways. Any update on that please? Mitchell’s is still very popular. They have a lot of product. Still like their chilly garlic sauce better than any Ketchup to go with desi snacks.

I distinctly remember the mango jam but Mitchell’s Orange Marmalade was my go-to breakfast condiment. Mitchells’ farms in Renala Khurd are worth a visit. Same here, mate! And they had a beautiful cricket ground, surrounded by their orchard. Had the pleasure of playing cricket there a few times during school days & then early in my service days. Their Orange Marmalade, now know as Golden Mist, is a must-have at our homes.

The brand for products was Kissan. Which continued in India after partition. And became Mitchell’s in Pakistan. Our family used it in the 70s and 80s. I also have fond memories of it being used at breakfast time and at afternoon tea time. Both times, the whole family would gather at the dining table. Probably way before 60’s. Michelle’s still exists & their marmalade is the best. There was an apple jelly and orange marmalade my mom used to bring from Pakistan of Mitchells and they tasted so good. I vividly remember that my father used to buy Mitchels Apricot jam.

Mitchell’s farm belong to the family that owns Lums, packages group etc. One of the oldest if not the oldest family that was known. Mitchell was a pre independence brand and juggun the host is also from the family. So yes this is quiet possible. Mitchell’s jams & jellies were always an important part of our breakfast table . Their Apple Jelly & Apricot jam were , & maybe still are,out of this world. My dad was a fan of their orange marmalade.

Mitchell’s farm and our School in Renala Khurd was separated by just a wall. Farm was full of fruits, lush green trees, & sound’s of birds.There was a cricket ground too in the farms. I Visited their factory in renala khurd district okara during college tour in 2007-2008 and they told us they are in business since 1933 without any losses. It was the staple jam in Pakistan along with Mitchell’s marmalade. I was too little in the 60s, but I’ve seen it in my home from my earliest memories.




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