Pakistanis Have Stopped Taking Covid Seriously

Pakistanis Have Stopped Taking Covid Seriously

So 3 weeks after my son tested positive, 1 week after my husband needed a paramedic for covid, my daughter now has it. Please someone take me out of this country to somewhere they take this virus seriously. And as someone with Long Covid I would encourage them to rest as much as they need & give themselves time to properly convalesce.

Husband was back to work today, secondary school teacher and felt he should go back sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with long covid. My mind boggles at how so many people are treating this all as normal when it’s anything but trouble and more trouble. They are after herd immunity now that A&E levels of required treatment is dropping. Some collateral damage will be priced in to this policy.

So hard 4 teachers right now. I hope school are sympathetic in the event that he does need extra support, re-organising of duties etc. there’s a very good article in TES on the subject. My teen son was in original shield group (respiratory issues) so glad he’s now 2 vaccines. So important that both the short-term & long term effects of Covid are recognised across the profession & the public in general.

The herd immunity for this disease is a myth. The truth is that re-infections can and do occur. Re-infections are now being included in daily statistics. One after the other must be exhausting. Mentally and physically exhausting. Just waiting for me to get it now. She’s tired and has a cold/cough but OK. Rob was the scariest with chest pain and breathlessness (3x vaxxed too).

I thought it had all finished haven’t the govt told us everything is fine, nothing to see here? The government’s drawn a line under it. And, as we all know, there’s nothing more powerful than, um…a line. I’m so fed up of people saying we need to learn to live with it and just get back to normal. This is not over. PTI’s mismanagement of the pandemic has been so destructive. I am home full time because I am high risk. It’s no joke, but the government doesn’t seem to care. Agree with you the country needs to take Covid seriously. Attitudes need to change, sadly it starts at the top.

I wish you and your family better and hope you stay well.

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