Syeda Dania Shah Profile Family Age and Real Story

Syeda Dania Shah Profile Family Age and Real Story

How did Syeda Dania Shah met Amir Liaquat? Did they meet via twitter or Instagram? Syeda Dania Shah age is barely 18 and hot photos and videos are already out on the social media and going viral like wild fire.

Syeda Dania Shah scandal with Amir Liaquat has now turned into a wedding affair and being criticized throughout country. Social media users are ‘stupefied’ with the ‘shocking’ details of PTI MNA Aamir Liaquat’s third known wedding to 18-year-old Syeda Dania Shah. He can do anything to get fame. Both the parties got attention and now he has done the fourth marriage and that with a daughter of a fan.

People are trolling AmirLiaquat for his 3rd marriage, this time to an 18-year-old SyedaDaniaShah, 31 years his junior. As embarrassing as it is, the difference is still way less than other weddings and then they are adults. Every age and every culture has its own norms but this is too much. Dania is from Lodhran Punjab and belongs to a poor family and his father is a fan of Amir.

The southern Punjab families structure has very common issue of polygamy. Most who could afford marry more than twice. It be looks like her father is fan of Amir Liaqat and in some way he satisfied his ego and status in his clan, but the poor girl has to pay the price. This is a sale and a cringy one. He bought himself a wife. This is uncomfortable to watch and fathom. I don’t wish evil on tuba. She must be going through a lot.

Mr. Liaquat’s trick is to paint himself as a curiosity, when he’s always been a genuinely dangerous con. Those that lend him his platform – from political parties to TV execs – need to stop. Amir Liaqat’s 4th wife is the hottest cake in this country. He was introducing his wife like a new scheme being promoted. But I think more than age, this is more about ethics.

Amir Liaquat shares a video with wife while traveling to Karachi after nikkah and then Amir shares a video of pinching and then in bed and then the stuff goes on. Then feminists write “Men are trash”. But no one will criticize a woman flirting with a married man, nor will it be a crime to break someone’s married life ? People are bad, not gender.

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