Petrol is Still Cheap in Pakistan

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Probably the only country in the world whose Prime Minister believes that poverty can be reduced by raising the price of petrol by Rs. 12 to Rs. 159.86 per liter. If someone is like us, then come forward.

1.Average Price of crude in int’l market in 2014: $96/b
2.Price of petrol in Pakistan in 2014:Rs82/L
3.Current price of crude in int’l market: $96/b
4.Current price of petrol in Pak: Rs160/L
5.pric of crude in int’l market is the same as back in 2014

Dictated Pak Rupee devaluation has landed Pakistani nation with unaffordable prices per litre of petro products which have been increased by PTI Govt to new peak:
Petrol Rs 12 to Rs 160
HD Diesel Rs 10 to Rs 154
Kerosene Oil Rs 10 to Rs 127

The increase of petrol price by Rs 12 by PTI Govt at Rs 159/ litre is cruel to say the least. The cost of petrol/diesel was never this high- it’s not just int oil prices but devaluation of the rupee that has made it worse for the people. How on earth will they make ends meet?

Petrol is going to become unaffordable in Pakistan.A hike of Rs 12 p/litre will bring the price to Rs 160 p/litre.The wheels of this country are coming to a grinding halt.Brent Int’l crude prices went down yesterday but sarkar has slapped on more than a petrol levy bomb.

Nobel Economics Laureate & Harvard Econ Prof Dr Muzammil Aslam on Rs 12 increase in petrol price

1. Will provide a much-needed boost to our cycling industry
2. Will be great for the environment & lead to cleaner air
3. Will promote walking culture
4. California say tau sasta hai

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