First Pakistani Web Series on NetFlix Full Seasons

First Pakistani Web Series on NetFlix Full Seasons

Netflix finally approves its first original web series from Pakistan. 3 seasons, 13 episodes each with huge budget. Netflix never announces more than 1 season. After the response on first season they announce whether they will make further seasons or not. Thus, I have doubts on this information. I hope it does not consist of 10 seasons and 100 episodes like most of the Netflix series.

It might be that Turkish collab, saying it because of pre approval of three season which is very rare. There were rumors about Netflix making a season out of one of Omar Shahid Hamid’s novel. Anyone know why Disney Plus leaving out Pakistan as it expands? I’m hoping it will not be a typical story of gally mohally ki shadi nikah and roly rappy etc. As far as I know, Netflix first does an pilot of an project before signing a contract for 3 seasons.

Another thing hard to digest is huge budget. What would that be spent on when all we are capable of are saas bahu and love affairs stories. Sacred Games had 4 season approved. Let’s give way to a log favoritism, nepotism and mediocrity if MD Productions is involved. The instant Zee5 bought a Pakistani show, it was banned in Pakistan. Devta novel by Mohiuddin Nawab also has potential for a multi season web series.

The show should be a crime thriller or mystery. If it is a drama it should not revolve around households and ladies. Hope it’s something new, like maybe magical. I’ve never seen any Pakistani drama with this genre. Actress will be imported from around the world. I didn’t even watched a web series on YouTube. Netflix never gives approval for 3 seasons at once. They try 1st season and then decide for next 2 seasons.

I hope series like “jo bichar gye”(by Geo) will be part of it to counter Indian propaganda. 3 seasons? They rarely ever do that. Who is involved? This could be massive if they are going in for 3 seasons. We remember what happened to Zee5 after Churails. This mullafied society is not ready for any bold content yet. Keep the mainstream cringe actors and directors away from this and give Independent talent a chance to shine.

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