Punishment for Zahir Jaffer Verdict Latest News Noor Case

Punishment for Zahir Jaffer Verdict Latest News Noor Case

Prayers for NoorMuqaddam and her family. It is high time they all got justice. As we wait in solidarity for the verdict, we want to thank everyone who have supported JusticeforNoor throughout these 7 months. We are immensely grateful to you for speaking up and for demanding justice. Thank you. The news that I’m waiting and praying to hear is justice for Noor Muqaddam.

‘Man is not equipped to think beyond a reality that exists inside four dimensions yet he believes he knows enough to know that there’s no God’ – HJ

additional session judge Atta Rabbani court fixed time for Noor Mukadam case decision. Reserved order will be announced at 1:30pm. We stand with you, Noor. We will never forget the ghastly violence you were subjected to, nor will we forgive your murderer and this patriarchal, misogynistic society for breeding and sheltering the likes of him. Death penalty may not be a deterrent and flawed justice systems may be using it as a crutch. But in some cases where facts are quite clear & rehabilitation isn’t possible: let it happen.

I took this picture of my friend Noor protesting for justice in 2020, who knew we would lose her 10 months later. This just shows how unsafe this country is for women. Tomorrow the judgement will be reserved in her case. May justice prevail. Hoping for Feb 24 to become another landmark day to honour the struggle for rights, justice and violence-free societies.

Hats off to Mr Shaukat Mukaddam for his patience & composure. I salute him for endlessly fighting his daughter’s case for so long & pray that she gets justice tomorrow in the final verdict. I am so stressed & anxious. I am both intensely frightened+hopeful for Rabbani’s verdict, due to be released in 2 days re: NoorMukadam murder case. After 7 months NoorMukadam case has come to an end & the court has reserved the judgement, hopefully which will be announced tomorrow i.e. 24th February 2022.

I urge you all to pray for Noor, her family and for justice to be prevailed. Noor, a symbol of light.

Please pray and circulate the hashtag JusticeForNoor once again. I am hoping that the justice we all have been fighting for is served and Zahir Jaffer face serious consequences. Today’s decision wont only be for Noor but every single woman of this country. Today’s day will be one of the most important in the history for our women. Noor Muqaddam murder case judgement will be announced shortly. Whole nation is Praying for Noor and her family. May justice prevail. Amen

I unapologetically 100% agree with this. Death penalty all the way. People wanna say ‘’Im aGAiNsT tHe dEatH PeNaLTy’ until it’s one of their own whose brutally murdered.
Then their tune changes pretty quick. Zahir stole Noor’s future. Now we want his. The NoorMukaddam verdict is finally 2 days away. Requesting all to start a prayer chain. Recite Ayat E Karima as much as you can, & make Dua that the judiciary awards a befitting punishment to zahirjaffer & his monster parents.

Noor deserves justice. We all do.

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