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Some good news.

AvM Dr Rizwan Riaz & President/CEO Temel Kotil of TAI casually confirm that Pakistan🇵🇰 & Turkey🇹🇷 “are now collaborating” on TAI TF-X fifth generation fighter.

Pakistan probably looking to go down the thunder program path, this time with next gen & Turkey.

Fighter , fighter, 🤬🤬 what the hell is going on LOOK at world where’s going Govt not taking serious steps for economy ? Rupees going down day by day . Only defense why ? Rubbish Collaboration .

Happy to see Dr. Rizwan Riaz pro-rector NUST (Research & Innovation), a very vocal and positive man

He was principal RCMS of our time & used to participate in almost every thesis defense, just to encourage students & make them confident of their work.

Not clear yet. But Pakistan was never going to make a 5th gen fighter on its own from scratch. Too few countries have that capability. We were always going to partner either with the Turks or the chinese.

What about our own NGFA under project AZM??? It’s a merger of technologies or we just abandoned project AZM??

Need of the hour is to develop a supersonic stealth armed drone. Piloted aircrafts are to expensive & have long development time. With high attrition in modern combat, due to highly potent AD systems, it’s utility with time will decrease significantly.

Great to cooperate with brotherly Turkey but links to our iron brother China must stay as the mainstay. Turkey has no experience in modern fighter regime it will benefit too immensely.

TAI CEO Temel Kotil revealed during interview with Pakistani media states that TAI was ‘collaborating’ with PAC on TFX – NGFA Just to provide a little background on Pakistan Turkey JV on TFX – Project Azm

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