How do you flirt as a brown woman?

How do you flirt as a brown woman

Yes Pakistani girls or any brown girl do flirt and you can flirt within limits. I know it’s sort of taboo for the girls to talk about flirting with boys in Pakistan but trust me they also do want to do it and enjoy their lives. Following are the tips for brown girls to flirt:

  • With finesse and humour
  • Stare for a split second and quickly look away but try very very very hard to get your eyeball tightly into the corner of your eye so you can make sure if they are staring or not
  • By cooking for him
  • Internet can help. Like his pictures tweets and posts. Comment. Argue
  • Show interest. You know everyone is different but just don’t appear desperate.
  • Poetry. Now I hope everyone I share poetry with doesn’t presume that I am flirting.
  • Dopatta hta k dobara se set krna
  • Touch one rose flower with another
  • Like a picture or two. Three will be pushing it.
  • Compliment the color of their attire or something, sth they have chosen or decided to wear
  • We just make eye contact twice or thrice, it does all.
  • Tossing or smoothing your hair. That hair flip.
  • Excessive laughing ‘haye Allah Aap kitnay mazakhiya hai’
  • Buy him a favorite ice-cream
  • Go ask “Ghalib film dekhi hai aap ne?”
  • Slide into his DM
  • You set boundaries and stick to them.
  • Nakhras no explanations
  • Be bold.
  • Brown men rarely experience an independent single and yet happy women. You very being could be enough
  • Hold your dupatta btwn your teeth , giggle, look down and suddenly turn like you’re tripping Over sideways and frolic away – but not too far away
  • Depends how desperate you want to look ; biting bottom lip helps or then just a squeakier giggle




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