Pakistani Students in Ukraine Helpline Website Phone

Pakistani Students in Ukraine Helpline Website Phone

The Embassy of Pakistan is fully functional from Ternopil, Ukraine. Contact details of the Embassy are as follows:


Cell Nos:


Functional in which sense? Hundreds of students and other travellers are trapped and exposed to alleged war. They are short of money. They need food, water and safe house.

Don’t lie please I almost contacted with all of these numbers and asked how we can go from kyiv to Tarnopil some answerd we Don’t know some says contact with another number

Please work on some solid strategy to protect and evacuate PAK citizen and students in Kharkiv area It’s not possible to come to Ternopil by their own. Some other countries arranged buses under protection of security to transport their citizens to Liviv and Ternopil

Asking people to travel 11 hours when there is no transport. No one answers any of 4 numbers above.

Pakistani students stranded in ukraine appeal for evacuation.

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