Patwar Nizam Ready Info about Inteqaal and Fardaat

Patwar Nizam Ready Info about Inteqaal and Fardaat

Another news coming out that:

1) Land record system has 22 documents
2) Previous Govt digitised 1.5 / 22 documents
3) Current Govt has digitised most of the Revenue documents
4) Only 152 Land Record Centers existed
5) 8000 “Digital Marakaz e Maal” being established
6) ~6000 highly educated and computer literate Revenue Officers (Patwaris) recruited

Documents of Land record system digitised recently:
* Girdawari
* 4 Roznamchas:
(Waqiati, Hidayati,
Partaal & Karguzari)
* Laal Kitab
* Jhaar Paidawar
* Taghayyar Kaasht (Change of Possession)

If i may draw your attention towards the land department’s website doesn’t work overseas; it works fine in Pakistan but doesn’t work for us in overseas; home page works fine but when we click on registry search or online fard both inner links doesn’t work. Called & email concerned department but they aren’t willing to accept the errors in their website, have to lodge the complaint in PM portal; please direct concern authorities to get this fixed to facilitate overseas Pakistanis.

I got my card yesterday and the fee was 2000 per Marla. N I don’t live in some rural area. It’s main Rawalpindi. West ridge. Patwaris still minting money.

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