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It will take their whole life too find perfection to make clut classic comedy movies like Khataa meetha , Bhagam Bhag , Hera Pheri , Deewane hue Pagal , Garam Masala , Bhool Bhooliya , Welcome , Hey baby. Wishing all the women around the world a very Happy International Women’s Day! More power to you all. Punk rock girls with some noise to make. Hollywood 1978 – Babe said, “Let’s start something great…”

I have to give this special group of student-athletes a shoutout on International Women’s Day. I have loved watching them grow into the amazing young women they are today. They make me proud every single day and I love being their coach. Today we highlight Congresswomen Veronica Escobar! She is a strong, passionate leader whose roots are grounded deeply in our beautiful city. She is the voice for those who are underrepresented and she rallies for justice.

Happy International Women’s Day! Women have come a long way in the field of athletic training over the years and we love to take a moment to recognize all our strong, inspiring female athletic trainers. Celebrating these amazing women today and everyday. Happy International Women’s Day to the cast, crew, and creative minds that have helped bring all these wonderful characters to life.

To all the incredible women out there, always remember that you shine everyday. One may not be as strong or fiery as the other but existing in this world is already a power. Remember that being a woman doesn’t mean being weak – we’re strong, capable of changing the World and it’s us who unite people by sharing that warm place in our. Be Educated
Be Organised Be Agitated International Women’s day wishes to all Super women.

Girl Power. Woman Power. WOMEN Power. All of which become the most potent salve – & salvation – in the universe.Here’s to girls with dreams who become women of vision. It’s International Women’s Day and Baby Girl is one of the strongest females we know! She is a single lady who prefers only other ladies in her life. Cheers to all the warrior women out there. Celebrating women everywhere today. We need to lift each other up and stand together today and everyday! I’m surrounded by amazing independent strong women. Look up to them, be them and raise them .

I insensitively used the term ‘tribe’ earlier, to describe my kind of women. I was unaware of the hurt it would cause & offer my apologies to those I offended. Thank you to the woman who called me out. All we can do is, do better.


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