Dating and Love in DHA Phase 8 Karachi

Issues of DHA Phase 8 Karachi

This is a view of Karachi’s Defence and Clifton from the night sky (facing northwest). That dark gap in the middle of the other well-lit area is most of DHA Phase 8.

It’s been nearly 30 years and nobody has built anything in an area where 500-sq-yard plots sell for US$700K+. Yes, by high school and college kids drag racing. It’s also the place where, to use the 1950s American metaphor, young couples drive over to “hold hands”. In DHA Peshawar which is yet to be developed, a friend bought a file for a 5 marla plot in 2020 for 33.5 lak and sold it back in for 60 lak in the end of 2021. I don’t think those 5 marla zones will be developed any time soon. It was a no-construction zone for the longest time. I believe some chunk of it still holds thay status.

The rich in Pakistan trust only one asset class: urban real estate. And Karachi is large enough to have this massive borough serve as a physical bank for them to park their cash, no questions asked. There is no construction because of lack of infrastructure. In the last two years roads have been developed so houses are starting to build. As soon as street lights and other things are active it will get populated like rest of dha phase 8.

Whenever I visit Karachi, my family takes me there for dinner and I always wondered why. Any insights? You just reminded me Perveen Rahman case, she had every proof against DHA 8, but unfortunately she was killed by proxies. My father tells me of a time in the mid 80’s when you could buy files for phase 8 at 2 lac per 2,000 sq yrds… rumour was the land would be underwater in 5 yrs. Its just a capital gains ladder.

And mostly because there is no utility or gas connections in this area 30+ years after it was developed because DHA works hand in glove with the real estate mafia. Open plots are safe parking lot for black money. It is a blessing that no construction is done in this part. Already the inhabitants of this phase facing numerous problems which they can only feel and go through. And it is so-called posh locality. DHA should resolve the problems first. Primary being water supply & road network.

Except crescent bay and do Darya restaurants and also Shahid Afridi’s huge house. Energy Wastage, Light Pollution , Worst Lighting Design , No Policy ! Poor for health and environment. Phase 8 is popular for young couples where they can spend time without being bothered by anyone. Defence Phase 8 files are traded like NFTs. Never meant for land utilisation but simply value speculation.

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  1. Javed Aziz Khan | April 18, 2022 at 11:09 am | Reply

    All DHA Karachi is in shabby conditions what to talk about Ph.8..but the prices are sky high.

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