Fair Lovely Laga Lo Na Viral Video Full Leaked Uncut

Who is the girl in fair and lovely lala lo na and how it got leaked is an another interesting story. They are married couple and they were just having fun and then that fun got leaked out and the video became viral and now making rounds everywhere. That is why its very important to keep these things hush hush and not to brag about it as anything could happen in this digital age of Internet.

We live in society where people has no issue with “haseena parker” which glorifies underworld. If you can’t give space to the film that tell us the real Truth then what’s the use of this Bollywood and the Kapil Sharma show. Very much disappointing for the country. The price of oil has reached an all-time high. However I have solved this problem by discovering a new source of oil.

Bollywood had completely brainwashed today’s generation. Zain Zohaib and Quratulain Baloch just killing it with insane voice and refreshing music. If you love punjabi songs and you need some Qawali touch in that you must listen to Thagyan released today by CokeStudio14 which is beautifully sung by Zain Zohaib x Quratulain Baloch. Finally, the wait is over. New Coke Studio song is here, featuring Quratulain Balouch x Zain Zohaib. We all waited so anxiously for Quratulain Balouch to perform in Coke Studio. She’s on another level.

Thagyan is really is the Sound Of The Nation, QB’s voice as we all know is marvelous, leaving you with goosebumps. The mix between classical and modern music is really amazing. Kudos to Zain Zohaib for lifting up this song as much as it could be. Zulfi’s rocking. Listening to Thagyan by Coke studio reminds me when i texted Zain Zohaib to kindly add subtitles to Ishq hularay and he said he will and he never did.

Repeating for the hundredth time maybe, there is something mesmerizing about Quratulainb’s voice. I hope she drops new music more often. Till then, this one’s going in loop. Wow Quratulain Balouch and Zain Zohaib nailed it totally, loving the new song of this season. This season of Coke Studio just launched itself in some other dimension. Listen to this amazing song by Thagyan, Zain Zohaib and Quratulein Balouch. Touched my soul.

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