Meetha Paratha میٹھا پراٹھا

Meetha Paratha میٹھا پراٹھا

request it for school lunch as well. When Ammi was done mixing the flour,water and sugar & started rolling the parathay, I’d sneak up just to poke my fingers in the dough until my she would shoo me away. Mother still makes some for me at times. We also put some grated coconut in the mix.

Meetha Paratha is love. The sweetness is not just sugar. Its a mother’s exclusive touch. I make it for my daughter but I miss my mother’s touch. I can’t bring the taste what our mother brings when she makes this ‘beauty’ for us. My maami was just telling me how my mamu asks her to make meetha parathay for him whenever he wants to eat something meetha. I guess some things don’t have an age limit.

THANK YOU for reminding me these forgotten precious memories of meetha paratha and chai papa with my mother being the lead character. My Nano used to make meethi makai ki roti for us. Whenever she used to come to our place we all had makai ki roti for breakfast. i still eat meetha paratha every other day in breakfast. My father used to love eating meetha paratha and the whole family inherited that.

These are incredibly beautiful as well as infinitely cute. I still love to have meetha paratha. Ammi k hath ka. I just made it four days ago. Bachpan ki yaadein. These are the things we always remember and cherish.

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