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At last now we know the name of the pagal tissue lelo girl as she has been very active on the Instagram and also on the tiktok. She has been creating tiktok videos and sharing it on the facebook for quite some time but only now has gone viral.

The boy in the video is not her husband but just a friend, yes just another friend and they are enjoying in one of boy’s friend house and other boys are in other room waiting for this rendezvous to finish. The thing is that some people are saying that this video was leaked or released in true words on purpose and intentionally because of getting more likes and fame and money of course.

As they say in Urdu:

اے طائر لاہُوتی اُس رزق سے موت اچھی
جس رزق سے آتی ہو پرواز میں کوتاہی

کیڑے مکوڑوں سے بدتر ہیں وہ لوگ آزاد مُلک کی نسلیں غلامی میں جھونک رہے ہیں.

The might not be far from reality but if that’s true then both boy and girl should get an Oscar award for such real life and close to real acting in that video. I would even say that cast them in some new drama or movie. Dating someone who barely likes you is literal torture so from now on i need someone thats gon fall to their knees in the middle of Whole Foods when they think of me.

Yes these are the perils of the dating. They act like they really really like you at first then they switch up out of nowhere when you’re in too deep. Man this always sounds nice until you have it and then dudes do weird shit like knocking on your window to hang after you said no. I’ve always wondered why people would want somebody who’s obsessed with them or with anyting related to them.

How do you even date someone who barely likes you exacly. It’s never on purpose, i’ve seen with plenty women and ppl i’ve dated in the past that a lot of guys make you out to be their world during the honeymoon phase then when that’s done or 2 years down the line they start acting like it’s a chore to look at, talk to, or like you. Why would I date someone in the first place who doesn’t worship the ground I walk upon. I mean realistically why would I be dating someone where we don’t have a crush on each other.

See that’s a problem. That’s a false hope. Nobody will ever feel that way every day, or forever. So hoping for that at the beginning is a precursor to becoming disillusioned and unsatisfied later when things get rough. Mutual respect, enjoying their company, common goals, yes. I feel you. Same with me. After my divorce I met this guy who was a brilliant intellectual. He fell over me to do anything for me. Wanted to marry me after a month. The guy creeped me out romantically but talking to him about anything and everything was a lot o fun. To bad.

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