Pakistani Version of Free the Nipples

Pakistani Version of Free the Nipples

It’s always been super confusing to me even, when I was very young, why male parts are more societally accepted than female’s. Literally the same thing except ours don’t work. Free the nipple should not have to be a thing it’s just skin bro. I need maternity pieces of cloth because my back is on fire (I’m usually a free the nipple gal). But, my that part got so much bigger in the first 8 weeks alone, I can’t fathom what type of hulk like part I’ll have by September.

Just the thoughts of one guy from 1822 about why women should be able to show their bodies without the attachment of different assumptions. But the writer is arguing against the sentiments n of women’s bodies, claiming that there is nothing inherently different there and we need to grow up. It’s essentially an 1822 ‘Free the nipple’ essay. On the one hand, maybe it feels a bit unique for a bloke to be writing about how great that part are (I mean, I agree, they are great).

I just cant stop thinking about it, what were they doing in front of the tower? what does them posing their like that prove? are they raising awareness? who isnt aware of it? and how does them being bare chested help? free the nipple i understand but its so useless here. It was a “womans rights” movement from 2012 and turned into the very different thing and process in public trend that went around.

My example is tertiary, yours is a much more impactful thing. But same basic principle of getting people to just go along with the “team.” Reasons why I am toxic: Despite being a huge advocate of Free The Nipple, I believe that all drag performers, regardless of gender, gender assigned at birth, or drag-character-gender, should not have visible things. May be I am wrong, but that’s just my point of view.

Yes it’s a personal bugbear of mine and I am self-aware enough to know that the prescience of a nipple pastie (or lack thereof) doesn’t define wether they are a good artist or not. I just feel like when we see the real nipple peek out, it takes the audience out of the fantasy. More than anything I think a part just makes the outfit look incomplete. But there’s also a part of me that’s keenly aware that if a person without slips a nip then it’s whatever, but a person WITH parts slips a nip it becomes tabloid rocket-fuel. Privilege gap.

Drag is all about playing with gender – exaggerating it, dismantling it, laughing at it, redefining it. And when a natural nipple is visible, you get brought back to reality and reminded that gendered “rules” are placed on certain bodies. I like how I started this thread with “this is why I’m toxic” and finished it with “no but actually this is socio-politically why this opinion is very valid”. Anyway. All drag is valid, but I personally prefer drag with nipple-covers.

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