Who is Pooja Kumari and What Happened to Her

In the land of the pure where every day Hindu, Christian daughters are lost to abductions, forced conversions, marriages and Pakistan continues to be a bystander. Pooja Kumari Odh, an 18-year-old shot dead by Wahid Lashari on resisting abduction, conversion in Sukkur, Sindh. Wahid Lashari, the abductor of Pooja Kumari, who shot her in the head for resisting in Sukkur Sindh.

Is she is not 🇵🇰 citizen or she is the only one killed today in this week or month or year? Is the killer is not apprehended? Is there is any discrimination for the killer? Is her case is different to any other citizens? These are the question to be asked? Why aren’t you talking about the Core issue ? Forced Conversion in Pakistan. Question to be asked. I am happy to know that you are very much interested in Pakistan. But do broaden your research.

1. There are number of minorities live in all over Pakistan.
2. The over all condition is satisfactory in all provinces even KPK where large number of HIndu n sikhs reside

Strongly condemn Pooja Kumari’s murder in Rohri, We demand arrest of the responsible/murderer immediately. Justice For Daughter of Sindh. Alienation is attached with hatred when it comes to cases of Sindh. Murder, rape, abduction and injustices, can’t drab the enough attention of utterly focused media. Pooja was Sindhi Hindu so it had to be like this way.
We sindhi are destined to suffer.

Hindu teen girl shot dead by an Islamist in Pakistan’s Sindh infamous for widespread abductions and forced conversions of Hindu and Christian women. Pooja’s fault? She resisted kidnapping and adoption of Islam at gunpoint. Her murderer is still at large. 18-year-old Hindu girl Pooja Oad was shot dead in Rohri, Sukkur Sindh in a failed attempt to kidnap her. This is how you treat your minorities here, then blame us we paint bad image by highlighting these issues.

The criminals wanted to kidnap her but after the resistance they shot her. This ordinarily happens in Pakistan, minorities are not safe, why the govt don’t take action against these criminals. Our criminal justice system is so pathetic that evil people just don’t fear any consequences of their actions. It’s our courts, and our judiciary who are responsible for such lawlessness.

Man who shot innocent Pooja Kumari is that much influential; victim’s parents were scared of exposing his name. Wahid Lashari (The Killer) must have feudal and political support. A common man doesn’t dare to do such. He must be punished as per law.

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