Best Scented Candle in Karachi Lahore Islamabad

Best Scented Candle in Karachi Lahore Islamabad
Best Scented Candle in Karachi Lahore Islamabad

The world is on fire so why not tell me about the best scented candle you’ve ever burned in Pakistan in any city? Well for me it was maybe this which i cannot purchase more than once a year bc $ but oh it is a good one. I treat myself to one every other year or so, and the best part is that it lingers for a day or two after you burn it. Woodsmoke and mulling spices. I would paint the insides of my nostrils with this wax if that were at all medically advisable.

Black Forest is great. It smells like a mythical woodland in a dark fairy tale (and both the hot and cold throw is insane). I just got the Tonka and Almond Milk scent of these, and it’s amazing… I LOVE my WoodWick candles. My partner and I really liked the Trilogy version of this by Woodwick! It’s Fireside, Redwood and then Sandalwood Clove. Every candle I’ve gotten from my partner has the most amazing scent, I have so many I haven’t even burned because they’re too pretty, but if I leave the lid open it fill the whole room with goodness.

It smells like The Will To Get Out Of Bed In The Morning with notes of Lots Of Ppl With Trauma and ADD Succeed In Life and a splash of One Day You’ll Travel Internationally Again And Write In Cute Coffee Shops. I go through at least one a month. Definitely this but there’s no way I’m getting this again so expensive for a small. This small company makes such good quality candles with amazing throw. This is my favourite.

I knew I would find it in here!! I love this candle so much. Every now and then I’ll scroll into Bath and Body Works on a whim and a prayer hoping to find it. I almost never do. i miss her everyday. but also i don’t bc i have a couple hidden that it’ll never burn again just so i don’t lose the feeling i get when i burn this candle and can smell it every once in a while. All-time favorite, never got tired of it. Just smells like the freshest cut apples all day. This one is like flower honey and so good all year. Clean and bright. Sweet and light. Love it!! I try to get them from Marshall’s cuz they aren’t super cheap otherwise but I love them so I buy from their site sometimes too.

Is it a pine scent? I like their sparkling cinnamon because it’s a more natural spice scent compared to others. Wondering if this is similarly fresh? I can’t do sweet/cloying/floral. I have two very different scents. Yankee candle’s blackberry tea (I buy multiple if they’re available) and magic candle company’s pirate water that smells like Disney world’s pirate of the Caribbean ride. Amber & Moss scent wins for me. Like a forest crossed with a reading room filled with leather chairs.

Ok so the Sand and Paws (brand is sand and fog but their odor eliminating line is the best by far) candles are all great, but by far my favorite was the espresso one, it’s the perfect smell of delicious coffee and when you burn it it fills the room w fresh coffee smell and yes. I love candles that smell like baked goods, and I’m partial to ones like gingerbread scents, vanilla, and banana bread – but this one I bought a few weeks ago is my current favorite. It smells amazing.

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