Age Gap Between Pakistani Couples

When I met my ex he was 25. I was 19. I was 27 when I left him. He then admitted that my age & lack of experience was his main reason for pursuing me cuz he wanted to “mold” me into the woman he wanted. They know exactly what they’re doing when going after 18-20y/olds. Can we not say “They” I get that may have been your particular situation…but most of us don’t like to mold or manipulate, sometimes people just like you and it has nothing to do with anything else.

Well if they post ain’t about you then don’t say shit. Congrats that you’re not a groomer, a lot of people are. Mind your business and stop trying to look like a hero by being the “exception” No one and I mean nooooo one gives an iota of an attention. They def know what they’re doing. Early to mid 20s should stay within that age range. I wouldn’t advise women to date up until you’re near 30 when you’re experienced and wise enough to recognize manipulation/gas lighting and/or abuse.

I met my ex boyfriend when I was 20 and he was 35. He claims he never meant to pursue me and was gonna set me up with his younger friend yet we got together and told me he loved me the first week I met him. I still struggle with the idea that I was groomed by him. That’s the only reason older men go after young girls. They know young girl are easier to manipulate, control, and “train”. I was 16 when I met my 33 year old ex, & she gave me a job, a place to live(her place), emotional/mental support, & I became dependent on her back then.

I was 19 and he was 32. He waited for me to break up with my then boyfriend and relentlessly pursued me. How many of your homeboys don’t take no for an answer? She could’ve said no, that would’ve saved her from being a victim. My girlfriend is 20. She’s free to be herself. Wanna go be with friends? Do it. Go to school? Do it. I won’t take away from her individual growth.Shes going to grow most right now. Exactly, I met my wife when she was 20 and I was 24. Married for 11 years now. There’s nothing wrong with a lil age gap, just give each other space and support to grow.

Multiple men has told me get you a young woman so you can (shape her) the way you want.. so unfortunately It’s true and I 100% believe you. That age difference actually isn’t all that bad considering you were both teens. but if your ex was specifically going after you bc you were younger that’s weird. Like this 31 year old man telling me, who just turned 20 that he prefers younger women between the ages of 18-21 because they haven’t ‘expired’. My ex once told me he had to “train me to be his queen”. The same man who drank himself to sleep every night and couldn’t keep a good woman for long though I was the one who needed to be trained.

Reminds me of three guys I talked to when I was a teenager. One when I was a HS Senior and he worked at a record shop, a nurse and a guy I met while looking for a job at the mall. All older guys who assumed I wasn’t put on game by my older brothers. There’s that popular interracial couple – white guy in his mid-late 40s and 21y/o Black girl that is always praised on here. “She old enough to make her own decisions”. I was 21 when i started my first serious relationship with a cishet man in his mid 30s. he pursued me. i look back now & realize how toxic he was, & how much of my true self i kept hidden for fear of him not liking me anymore.

These topics are like plane crashes you only hear about the ones that turned out bad like everyone who’s 20 dating older isn’t being manipulated. But it’s twitter so push your narrative. Unfortunately this is true, us guys especially in our early 30s we seem to think to know what younger women (early 20 yo’s) needs. Also arguing that young women prefer older, financially stable men doesn’t cancel out the fact. those grown men have no business pursuing any romantic relations with people they plan to control & manipulate, even if she says ‘age is nothing but a number.

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