Pakistani Doctor Leaked Video with Nurse

dr afzal shahid leaked video

Dr. Afzal Shahid leaked video with nurse is making rounds everywhere though its not confirmed that its him and who is the girl. The video is real and as can been seen from it that Pakistani doctor is having fun and not really concerned about anything else.

Snackible- easy to consume. Makes the audience feel this is what they have always been looking for / Strikes a chord. Quality content is important but more important how are you selling content to audience. Information in an understandable way with humour. Such content, if someone comes while watching it, then we do not have to turn off the screen. Something that flows naturally with the reader. So Pakistani doctor’s content is no wonder ticks all those boxes and more.

In my opinion, quality content = Giving therapy to heal. It’s something that you didn’t know you needed to know before you heard it somewhere. Simple to understand. Keeps you coming back. Aesthetically doesn’t put a lot of load on the consumer. Content that is both value adding & entertaining. Very subjective. But if the reader feels satisfied, you have done good work. So Dr. Afzal Shahid is also making sure that he is playing for himself and not for the gallery.

One that keeps me glued to it for countless mins/hrs/days/months. Value-packed content with the authenticity of the writer. if [resharibility + originality + repeatability] exists. Whatever gets your target audience’s attention. Content that explains a difficult concept in simple words. When you can grab some value from the written peace. Quality is very subjective, it can differ for every creator. Life is there to enjoy and that is what that Pakistani nurse and doctor are doing in this leaked video.

Something not : ” playing for gallery “. That adds value to someone’s life. That adds value in any shape or form. Be it informative, educative, thought-provoking, or inspirational. Anything that trouble me and make me feel uncomfortable is quality content. Eye catching design that provides value. A content which makes scrolling user to stop and read. Something that educates, entertains, grows and, is comprehendible for users who are younger than your targeted users.

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