Top Pakistani Tattoos for Girls and Boys

I feel like a tattoo would bring peace into my life right now. Got some designs in your head you want to see come to Life? We’ve got the best tattoo and piercing artist in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and other cities in Pakistan for the job. Tattoo parlors and shops in Pakistan are thriving. Message now to book an appointment. Here are the top Pakistani tattoos for girls and boys.

The price of getting a tattoo in Pakistan is also economical. Tattoo in Pakistan is legal and there is no problem in it. Life itself, could be the sole reason why your body would be full of tattoos. (If you count the times you need peace in this lifetime). I wanna finish my left ribs and have it go down to my thigh. I get great comfort from my tats. All of them have a special meaning. You need to do whatever your heart feels like to do to keep you content and happy and fulfilled.

I know there is some stigma around Tattoos in Pakistan but then it’s personal choice and this is modern era. If you don’t like what tattoos are then I respect it but you also need to respect my choice and my preferences in the life. Is tattoo haram in Islam and is it even allowed in Pakistan are all valid questions and we can discuss them in an amicable fashion but my tattoo design in Pakistan is not really intrusive and intimating at all.

So I hope that people will respect what I am trying to do here is just to please myself.


All I ever think about is tattoos. My body just looks so hot with them. I don’t know what to even do anymore, like i can’t even go one day without thinking about getting a new tattoo. I know this is kind of tattoo addiction but that defines me. I’m stoned and thinking of how I want a new tattoo. Doubt kills dreams more then failure ever will! Take the chance, let go of fear! You are good enough. Having tattoos is not a problem, the problem is when they become too many and start looking like secondary school toilet wall.

I lived a lot of years and have yet to get a single tattoo. Maybe it’s time. A tattoo might not be what brings you peace. But it never hurts to try. I love when tattoo artists give you stickers after the appointment, it feels just like getting a prize after being good at the dentist. Pakistanis will frown upon visible tattoos or full body tattoos but I think its a special and private thing for you only. Your partner should be on board too and you should discuss it with your family.


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