Emergency Exit Seats in AirBlue for Women in Pakistan

Just found out as Emergency exit seats are not given to women as per Air Blue policy. What is the reason behind this bizarre policy? Not just women, children too. Probably to avoid potential drama. In most airlines, if flight attendants thinks you unfit to operate the emergency exit, you’re required by law to give up your seat. There are other requirements too. Age. Having small kids with you. Wearing glasses. Having hearing aids. Either of these can mean you’re unfit. It’s stingy but needed I suppose?

Also not given to old men, they’re given to young men ideally who have the strength to open the door in case of emergency. The door is heavy, usually over 40kgs. I got to know a while back, people at the boarding counter told me its coz women usually panic in emergency situations.I was told women in armed services and doctors are exempt from this rule. Men equally panic in emergency situations. Its a general precaution . women normally panic more as compared to men.

Takes a lot of strength to open the exit door. Men are usually biologically stronger. Worldwide different airlines have different policies. They reserve the right to give this seat as they chose fit. God Forbid in an unknown Emergency severe complications get thrown up in no time. A lot of Physical effort will get generated. Most of the ladies r not like U n will collapse as would perhaps men too. This may also be practised by other Airlines and is not gender bias.

The protocol is as per FAA & EASA, the crew will brief the Passenger about how to open the over the wing exit in case of a emergency. A Passenger “Can be either Male or Female over the age of 18.” This policy is followed by majority if not all international airlines. Men above 60-65 and children are also not allowed. Passenger seated next to emergency exit is required to help cabin crew in case of emergency. Usually a strong physically fit person, who can open the exit in case of emergency, is preferred. It requires some effort.

It’s basically a heavy job and thats why they made me sit twice , but the hostess confirmed 1st that i wil cooperate or not once i said yes only then she gave me that seat so that seat does carry some speciality. Do you know PIA is operating it’s air transport by hiring aeroplanes from other air travelers, plz do the investigative journalism on that also. Did you do the research or just came here to rant!! Around the world they don’t give women these seats because they might be pregnant or aren’t physically strong enough to lift the heavy exit door. There’s a federal aviation policy on this in the US.

I traveled today on air blue and was seated at 29 number seat which is one of the emergency exits. Cabin crew were all women means ladies would be handling emergency doors in case of emergency so women passengers panicking during an emergency doesn’t make sense. It’s a standard rule by aviation industry ۔۔as for emergency ۔۔no elderly or women or is allowed because in emergency door needs to pushed immediately۔ I got to know with my personal experience while my seat was switched during flight with elderly female, according to steward.

In the USA, airline staff asks men/women, they would be able to help the crew, in case of emergency to open the door and help the passengers slide the chute to the tarmac. There is no gender bias in asking this question, but 90% of women refuse and have to leave their seats. Generally those seats are given to young passengers who would be able to open the exit door if needed. Doesn’t bar women as in certain cases flight attendants sit on those seats if they’re empty but I guess our local shenanigans and lack of training come in the way.

I’ve travelled on more airlines than you can shake a stick at & let me tell you, it’s global policy & not just Air Blue. It’s to do with opening & lifting the emergency door (particularly depending on aircraft type). It’s to do with Physical strength.

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