IBA Leaked Video Full Uncut LGBT Party Karachi

What’s your opinion about IBA Leaked video of gays and lesbians dance going viral and IBA suspending those students?

Is it Islamic Republic of Pakistan? Inappropriate video of IBA Karachi is viral on internet in which students are dancing and promoting LGBTQ. People having fun? In my religious lunatic hellscape? Why people object. U want to make this country a big jail or taliban type rule? What are you living in the 12th century? LGBT deserve to live freely. We should not judge them. But then there are all kinds of opinions.

This is just a continuation of our “wannabe white” inferiority complex caused by colonialism. If “wannabe arab” inferiority complex caused by arab and turk invasion is fine then “wannabe white” is also fine. Let people live the way they want. Learn to mid your own business. By the way being free is not something related to white. It is related to being civilized. Crazy assumption thinking that I believe being a “wanna arab” is fine. I don’t. I believe people should have the right to do this (that’s freedom), but doing so is a result of them wanting to be white. Like Eugenics, LGBTQ is based far more in culture than it is in science.

This isn’t because the dressing if celebrities and models’ pictures which this handle shares on daily bases are just Islamic and fulfill the very requirements of an Islamic state like Pakistan. Kindly, have same yardstick for everyone, don’t teach what you yourself don’t flow with it. Are you ready to be held accountable if something happens to any of the students in the video? If not, then remove it. But if you are then you’re not really a great ‘muslim’ are you? Doesn’t Islam ask us to hide the flaws, transgressions, and acts of others? And yet here you are.

As your name suggest showbiz is it allowed in Islam? We are so confused  in Pakistan.

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