Fasting in Pregnancy is Harmful not Pious

Fasting in Pregnancy is Harmful not Pious

Why are pregnant women fasting? I had multiple pregnant patients come to me who were fasting and now Shamim baji is doing the same. Itna jabar karne ki kia zaroorat hai apne upar? I mean fasting in pregancy is harmful not pious. Period. Quran expressly says not to so I truly have no idea why they are.

They take pride in it. Almost everyone I know does that too They think it is a sign of extreme piety, not realizing it can be harmful for own their health, and the baby’s development too. It’s so frustrating and annoying especially in this heat, especially the working women. Kiun zaroorat hai rakhnay ki? Everyone knows you have a reason if you’re concerned with that. Because anything related to women’s reproductive health is a matter of ‘shame’. You are more concerned about not losing your reward than your/baby’s life. Pata nahi kaunsa reward milna hai for self-torture. Jahaan exemption hai, woh bhi nahi leni. Our women have gotten used to it

It’s ridiculous, putting yourself through unnecessary torture just to appease whom? Society? Who doesn’t give a fuck. God? Who has already given you the leeway. In saudia, they continue fasting till membrane ruptures during delivery. Its all a belief system. Nobody is judging you. They want to do it for sake of Allah not for approval of society. Ap apna kam keren ja ker. They may be are very religious people or mostly people do fasting and all the good deeds in Ramzan because obviously its a very holy month for Muslims. We don’t do Prayers and Fasting and read Quran in normal days that’s why it feels good in Ramzan.

Well both my pregnancies came around Ramadan. first time I couldn’t fast due to being unwell and 2nd I had gdb so my doctor asked me not to. both times my own mother would make me feel guilty for not fasting & give me an example of a very fragile cousin who fasted despite being. A lot of it is pressure too. My MiL would say how she would fast when she was pregnant/lactating. I told her that in addition to the exempt conditions, I also have wonky kidneys & if she wants me to stick around to raise her grandkids, she’s got to stop telling me what she did.

Peer pressure and societal expectations can make one do harmful things. There r still family pressures & taboos. Also working women even if they don’t fast, it’s next to impossible to eat/ drink at work, so they say why not fast instead. Thirdly, lactating women also need the same leverage. Hardly anyone talks about them. I had fasted for 29 days despite my in-laws whining. My MIL gave extra money to maid to cook for sehri and iftari so that i dont have to stand for long in this condition, on my part it had nothing to do with piety but the tension to keep count after delivery actually.

I had healthy pregnancy Alhamdulilah last year still I chose not to fast in third trimester. Though it was heavy on my heart, as I never skip fasting, but I took benefit of the ease Islam has given us as pregnant. Fasting can have severe impact on mother’s health and growth of fetus. If the doctor is OK with it then no issue, it all varies women to women. They are allowed to leave fast but not compulsory.

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