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Go on this website and donate for Namanzoor fund in order to help the campaign against imported government. Manchester protest for Imran Khan , for namanzoor imported govt and immediate elections in Pakistan.

My name is Shazia Bukhari. I am overseas 🇵🇰 living in Canada. Myself, my family and our Pakistani community support Imran Khan and we are Not A Bot . Long live Imran Khan , Pakistan Zindabad. Too much traffic on Imran Khan’s website Namanzoor has crashed. There were more than 5K people waiting for hours to donate. This is the power of Awaamm. He is brave man he is our leader…he is our prime minister….bhikari namanzoor … InshaAllah he will come back soon.

We stand this handsome young man and we want elation because imported hukoomat namanzoor. This is not pti trend this one look fake can any one make correction if I am wrong ? Every night we go to bed , without any assurance of being alive the next morning but still we set the alarm to wake up…..that’s called hope . What have you done…. Took away our elected PM, and replaced him with Criminal Beggar Cherry Blossom. Namanzoor.

Looking at these images I wonder how stupid can a group of people be? Apparently its immeasurable. They started & investigated their own trend “Imported Hakoomat NaManTOOR”, Original is “NaManZOOR” 🤦🏼🤦🏼 I just have no words on their stupidity. Why not imported hukamat namanzoor is a top trend despite 7.73 millions tweet? Does anyone knows the answer. Tomorrow there will be a historic Jalsa in Karachi A large number of conscious people will participate The same slogan of all “Imported govt NaManzoor” The whole nation stands with

Guys please be careful. They are trying to ruin the HT… The ‘ر’ in namanzoor is missing. Kaisay log haen, aik HT say dartay haen Guys have you listened this song Imported hakomat namanzoor? Istg it’s such a vibe. Great work. Here is the link to full song. They have started tweeting “namanToor” with their fake ids to break the trend of “namanZoor”. please note toin T and zoin Z … before copy pasting .

Please be careful….. Imported Government And their exporters are desperate to kill the top trend. Now they have launched “Imported Hakoomat Na MANTOOR” instead of “Imported Hakoomat NAMANZOOR” please check carefully before tweeting.

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Imported hakomer namanzoor. I with my family fully support IK , the brave leader of Pakistan and also of Muslim ummah.

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