Who is Dua Zehra and What Happened to Her

Who is Dua Zehra and What Happened to Her

This is the level of bigotry that has seeped into common Pakistanis. A child is missing for a week and the local masjid refused announcement because that child has a Shia name. If this is how terrible things are for a minority sect of Muslims, imagine how it must be for others.

Prayers for Dua Zehra and family. May she and all missing children get back to their parents safely. I urge authorities to protect and safeguard our children. They are our future, there is nothing more important. Dua Zehra went missing from Karachi on 16th of April and is still not recovered. My heart aches for this little girl and her family. May Allah keep her away from any harm and from all the savages. I urge authorities to protect our children and recover her as soon as possible.

5th Day today since Dua Zehra’s disappearance. A girl steps down from her apartment on the 1st floor to dispose off 3 trash bags on the ground floor. She carries 2 bags in her hands towards the ground floor while the third is left in the apartment but she never returns for it. I urge DG ISI, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Federal Interior Minister, Chief Minister Sindh & IG Sindh to personally take note of the missing girl Ms Dua Zehra from Karachi. She is missing for last five days. Civil society to be vigilant also. This is an humanitarian matter.

14 years old Dua Zehra has gone missing from Alfalah area of Karachi’s Shah Faisal Colony. Dua’s father says he still has to here anything about her and the reports of receiving a ransom call are all untrue. May Allah protect her and return her to her family safely aameeen. 14 years old Dua Zehra had gone missing since 16 April, her father has already filed a complaint also appealed to Chief justice of Pakistan and questioned that you open courts at midnight my daughter is also a Pakistani why don’t you open courts now?

I’d say I can’t believe this but I truly can. This is how unsafe it is for women and girls – I hope the girl who has been discovered is unharmed and Dua Zehra will be found safe and sound too. In today’s Shan e Ramzan, Dua’s parents told Wasim Badami that the masjid refused to call out for help because of her Shia name. MashaaAllah, the so-called Muslims of our country should get a Nobel prize. Dua Zehra is missing since 16th of April , no Rule of law, no police action, Law in order situation in Karachi. May Allah protect her and she come back safely to her parents Ameen. This is truly heart breaking.

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