Shushil Malani Symbol of Interfaith Harmony in Thar

The young PPP leader from Mithi town of Tharparkar, Shushil Malani, keeing his love and soldarity with his Muslim friends has kept so far all fasts during the current holy month of Ramazan.

Shushil is elder son of one of the loyal leader of PPP, leader and lawmaker Amar Jadesh Kumar Malani, who had lost his life in a road accident while going to participate in a long march announced by Ms Benazir Bhutto wayback in 1993 along with pioneer of modern Sindh journalism Fakeer Mohammad Lashari and eminet PPP leader late Dr Mohammad Ismail Udhejo.

Mr Malani when contacted by this reporter for his version on his fasting practice he informed that he had begun the practice of fasting as per the rituals of his Muslim friends in order to boost the interfaith harmony in Tharparkar, which according to him, was already famous for exemplary communal harmony where Hindus and Muslims had been celebrating their Eids and other festival together for centuries. He said that in previous fasting months he used to keep four to five fasts on the inistance of his Muslim friends but his year he had decided to keep all 30 fasts like his some of the friends.

He thanked his family members for helping him make required food at the time of Sehari adding he said that but during the Ifrai he has so far participated in the parties arranged by both his Hindu and Muslim friends. He said that all family members including his uncle and PPP MNA Dr Mahesh Kumar Malani were proudly encouraged to adopt this habit and set a new trend of fasting as per Islamic teachings. His close friend as the known rights activist Kapil Dev, who also hails from Tharparkar said Shushil was setting an excellent example of interfaith harmony by keeping fasts since 1st Ramzan. He has so far fasted all 24 days and aims to fast all 30 rozas. ” Amidst bigotry and hatred, we need many more like him to spread love and harmony” Kapil added.

The known educationalist and rights activist Patab Shivani talking to this reporter said that Tharparkar was the name of interfaith harmony and pluralism and people P who had been living since centuries here give respect and regard to every human being without any discrimination of caste , creed , colour and religion . ” They used to celebrate Eid , Holi and Diwali altogether. Though since the last couple of years due to in-migration and the growing corporate sector , Tharparkar is in a rapid transition phase and because of a few filthy people they are trying to create chaos and use religious cards . ” Through social media they did but as majority doesn’t support them thus this tree is still connected with many multi dimensional branches I.e; social fabric, inclusion , fraternity and endearment” Partab added.

Javed Samoon, the budding writer said that Tharparkar where the month of Ramzan is a holy month for both Muslims and Hindus, that’s why Hindus in Tharparkar also participate by arranging Iftari’s for Muslims as a goodwill gesture. he said that act by Mr Malani would go a long way to further cement interfaith harmony among all communities of both Hindus and Muslims. ” Hindus arrange iftar parties to Muslims in the mosques of villages,” Samoon added. ” This act is practiced to boost interfaith harmony in the desert where there is a concentration of poor daily wagers, homeless people, widows, and other deserving people.

Interfaith harmony of Tharparkar is famous for interfaith harmony where both Muslims and Hindus join their religious festivals” he added.

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