Minimum Age for Marriage in Pakistan Controversy

Minimum Age for Marriage in Pakistan Controversy

In your opinion what should be the minimum age for marriage in Pakistan? Should it be 18, 16, lower or higher? I know there are some religious angle and then there is some social taboo and then preference of a certain tribal section of the society. But isn’t it time to discuss this?

Unpopular opinion: Even 18 as minimum age to get married seems too less. It should be 21. Do you think it’s too much both for girls and boys? Our naanis daadis used to get married before 15 and led happily married lives with kids etc. Why are we now trying to reinvent the wheel. My dadi got married at 17 and she suffered a lot because of an unhappy marriage and she died very young of a heart attack, more like a broken heart. The wheel broke a long time ago Zakriya. About time we reinvent it.

My mother got married at 14. Raised 3 kids all highly educated. Had a wonderful happy marriage despite age difference. Were considered an exemplary couple in the family. One cannot base a one size fits all scenario. Pakistan lacks education, counselling and support for teen pregnancies. Though these occur in West they have some processes in place to ensure child and mother support is there. Do people not have relationships till that age too? I understand the reasoning behind being more mature to choose your partner but that should apply to relationships as well. If anything marriage comes with more societal support, security and responsibility.

Not being specific to the age you quoted, but generally, it should be an age between having some sense and when people start seeking partnerships. I don’t think enough is discussed about the effects of non-contractual relationships on a developing mind and personality. Or even the consequences for that matter. I say this as a woman and a mother. I’d discourage both my children from getting into any relationships too early, because partners influence each other whatever setting. But, I wouldn’t encourage them to put off marriage till too late. It’s overall better for the well-being.

Agree with the first part. Have two opinions about the 2nd part. If one is accomplished & independent & has a partner one is absolutely sure about, then yes marriage makes sense. But marrying someone one isn’t sure about cuz it’s the next thing to do isn’t something I support. Absolutely agree with the 2nd part. I wouldn’t pressurize them to marry anyone for the sake of it, but when they start seeking partnerships, I’d like them to put more serious thought into who they choose with something substantial like marriage in mind.

Part of the upbringing if you ask me. So many just date to for flings. And that’s okay too if that’s what one wants. But do you feel an 18 yr old should seek out relationships w marriage in mind? Do they even have the mental tools to know what they want? 18 is good but leave the age still we don’t get married in 18 or 21.I was 18 and I didn’t get married and now I am 21 still I am not getting married. India raised the minimum age from 18 to 21 for women. This happened very recently, as I can remember reading an article by LiveMint about this.

That’s infact very very unpopular opinion. I know for a fact that teenage kids are dying to get married. As a doctor let me tell you that 18 is the age when a girl/boy can decide about their own faith regarding treatment options, abortion and stuff (IN UK). In some cases 15 years age is also applicable like contraception etc. I think such decision may lead to more cases like a recent one. Let it be only the consent of the girl and boy after attaining the physical requirements. Shouldn’t be 51? One has grown enough to understand life better in this age. In our neighboring India, they’ve tabled a law to raise the minimum age from 18 to 21 for women. But many fear it will be ineffective in preventing child marriages and instead will escalate the instances of femicide and unwed mothers.

Believe me, it’s perfect age to get married, think as whole country where +50% populations living in villages and people are engaged in aggri sector where they start earning plus Islamic laws permit them to get married at the age of puberty. Not at all Islam allow us to marry when a girl got her first period so 18, 21,14 is just a number.

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