Real Story of Golden Man of Islamabad

Few years ago I was in Kuala lumpur for a conference and went out in the evening on Buket Bintang for a stroll. Amidst other attractions, one thing which really fascinated me was frozen live human performers in golden and silver which made the whole street very interesting. Remember the Islamabad was still a sleep city. That is why the real story of Golden man of Islamabad is so interesting.

Hailing from a poor background he started a menial labour job in Islamabad but then couldn’t make his ends meet. Like many others he used to watch YouTube videos in his spare time on his phone. He noticed a similar golden man in some Western city and thought of becoming one as people also donate money to  them. He started doing that in various markets and roads of Islamabad and became an integral part of Islamabad identity. That really became something for him personally too.

Other day one of my friends met him somewhere in Islamabad and appreciated his work. But I don’t know what’s gone wrong with our people, they can’t see a person earning his living and happiness. Pakistan is hell is for all talented people. No one gets valued here. Whether its the Golden Man or legendary Abdus Salam. No respect for talent and halal ki kamayi. People would fear/respect you when you’re more powerful. I mean what’s really wrong with us after all.

Why they don’t let others live in peace. He is working having halal money making people and children happy like wth man, this world is so cruel. Very very painful to see him disappointed. He faced harsh weather conditions and extreme criticism from people but still went on, but today state itself has abandoned him. Similar artists seen standing near sea view and Saba ave over weekends. These guys are really good and should be promoted. Someone pls get them some spotlight.

I went to this area two days back and Google actually said “straight ahead from the golden man” I swear I didn’t know it was referring to this guy! Thats kind of big. Shame on whoever maligned him like that. Its actually sad what happened to him as these these mimes are unique all over the world. Someone should support him and give him a secure and nice place where educated people can appreciate him.

That’s so sad what is wrong with people the whole nation need anti depressants. Breaks my heart how this country treats creatives/artists. This is exactly!! Why we are not moving forward. We are morally so low as a society. This incident is heart breaking. We are failing as a society. Our moral values are in decay! Humanity tu naam ko nahi hai. Everyone is just busy being busy nothing constructive is happening. It’s just so shameful & really sad! This guy is working & to treat him like that shows how low we are as humans.

“We are failing as a society”, no madam, this is what our society has been. We are refusing to improve. What this guy is saying is heartbreaking but not a surprise at all. The people of Pakistan literally cannot stand seeing someone happy in their identity. Islamabadis are strange too a friend was walking from F11 towards F10/2 and some ghashti ke bache shot him with paint ball gun while passing in car, his back and chest had bruises and red marks.


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