What Happened to Mustafa Hashmi in DHA Karachi

What Happened to Mustafa Hashmi in DHA Karachi

Just before Eid this Karachi family faced horrendous tragedy in their own home with their own son Mustafa Hashmi. Words really cannot do justice with what happened really in DHA Karachi with Mustafa Hashmi.

17 year old A levels student Mustafa Hashmi died when the roof of his room in Karachi’s DHA fell on him – his father who is an architect said it was a rented house & the landlord had told him to get the renovation done on his own – Mustafa was in the midst of giving A level exams.

It looks like a house I rented and left because of the roof in phase 6. I hope who is responsible will pay although the loss of human life is irreplaceable. What a devastating & totally avoidable tragedy. Can’t even begin to imagine what the parents must be going through. Very painful when one looses only child. Inna lilla he wa Inna elahey rajeoon may Allah bless him in peace and Janna and grant strength to his parents to bear this irreparable loss ameen.

There needs to be a law in Pakistan where it should be landlord’s responsibility to fix the property at no cost to the tenant like it is in several countries. I think in this country only 1% people are honest other 99% are corrupt and dishonest. Just look at what happened with Mustafa. I mean no one deserves this within their own home. That’s our safe place.

According to the media reports, Mustafa Hashmi died when a large piece of concrete of a roof broke off and fell on him on main Khayaban-i-Sahar in Defence Housing Authority, Phase-VII, in presence of his parents, who remained miraculously unhurt in the incident. Mustafa was studying in Nixor College DHA and was a very bright student. Everyone loved the good soul Mustafa as he was very charming and nice.

“My son died in sleep as he did not cry or utter any word,” Mr Hashmi, the father of the boy said. Something died with in me. You cannot even imagine the anguish. There still are many houses with substandard construction in the DHA Karachi and across Pakistan and this is high time that government do something about this.

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