Job Salary for Primary School Teacher in Pakistan

Interviewed this candidate for a role at our day care centre. She is working as a primary school teacher at a private school. She is paid 8k per month 😳. What barbarity is this. We really do live in a bubble. Imagine how desperate must people be that they are willing to work at such rates. Cruel, cruel world. 500 per 30 days? That is around 17rs per day.

This is atrocious! I have taught at various private schools as a primary years teacher and I can say that even if someone was fresh to this field, they weren’t being paid 8K. Appalled that a primary teacher was being paid, I really find it hard to believe but I guess it is true. Maybe low-cost private schools but I know of a few and they still don’t pay their teachers 8K. Can be the last-tier schools but still sad. Back in 2008 and 9 they were paid 5000 I couldn’t believe even that time also that how can they survive with such low income.

I still know such schools are even in our area there is a school Name DMPHS and they are paying literally 6k, 7k and 10k for those who are teaching from more than 2 years in same school. A top notch private school in chaklala a short time back gave 500 rupees to my relative for working at probation for a month. She didn’t go back of course. Some teachers get Rs. 5000. The intermediate or matriculated teachers teaching Urdu or Islamiat to class 1 in some schools get even less than that. PSRA is toothless while labour department inspectors don’t bother or get paid to look the other way.

I’m being paid 7k per month for teaching chemistry to 4 classes. This is supply and demand. There are more ppl willing to work for same role on lesser pay then the job opportunities. Ofcourse it doesn’t not justify the exploit. The truth is that mostly private schools are giving 6k to 10k maximum pay for teaching Montessori to matric. I visited a private school. M Phil V Principal was taking 15k, MA/MSc teachers 12K, BA/BSc teachers 8k. Highest salary was being given to the security guard i e. 16k.

Why are we worried for our education standards and unrealistic literacy rate. Teachers are one of the more underpaid profession. Majority of teachers are which gender? Primary teachers in Beaconhouse are paid 20K on average a month. Thats what peons and drivers are paid at corporate. Teachers are too undervalued and there is no concept of respectable minimum wage in Pakistan. Most private schools can’t afford to pay since the revenue model is not profitable enough. Though, school tutions are already high with respect to wages earned by parents. The whole cycle is cruel.

Most is the key word. There are private school chain who now own TV channels. They are rolling in cash. This is shocking and sad that in these expensive times, people agree to work at such low wages. This sound lower than the minimum wage.Isn’t there a minimum wage law implemented ? ou work at a day care centre? Also this doesn’t surprise me, private school teachers are considered lucky to get paid 15K. The problem is not with pay , teaching is first priority for jobs for females, narrow minded society let them to have this job, they are not trained in this field.they opt for teaching because it is safe and noble.

Even top private schools which charge a single student 30k a month dont typically pay their teachers over 70k, maybe 80. It’s brutal.

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