Fake Toy Rip Offs in Pakistan

Fake Toy Rip Offs in Pakistan

I have stumbled across fake toy rip-offs in Pakistan and it’s the greatest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Let’s analyse. First up, we have your favourite well known space-based characters in the well-known movie series, SPACE WARS. And why is Finn’s beard like a fresh Bradford trim on Eid. HARRY POTTER IS JUSTICE MAGICIAN 😂. Because the two words halalify the context too.

This isn’t Mario, no. This is SUPREME MAORI. The cousin of the famous Nintendo character, from the indigenous group of New Zealand. REVENGERS. The only apt synonym. Even the ‘R’ is ambiguously an ‘A’. They literally went one letter up or down of ‘L.O.L’ dolls to get ‘O.M.O’. Incase you didn’t know Jurassic = Dinosaur era, they made it clearer for you. Please just see the Lego Friends rebranding going on here. FERIMD. Even the names of the characters are great. But this is by far my favourite. They were literally like ‘how can we keep the first 3 recognisable letters of Disney, but also say it’s basically Disney?’

We just go looking in the dictionary! I feel ‘Discern’ also has a deeper meaning. Ah of course, the sequel to the first blockbuster – ‘FASHION: Charm Is Limited’. Basically the thing is, original toys are pretty expensive here in Pakistan, so these brands buy cheap copies & sell them for a fraction of price. As most of our population is middle class, so it’s affordable for them. But they’re Chinese rip-offs, not Pakistani. They just being sold in that market. There are tons of these in Dubai also…this is one of my favorites.

Lol much cheaper actually – unsure re: quality but may pass as lego 😂. This is £13-£14. I’ll try to find the photo I took of “deform robots” for Transformers and “Space Story” for Toy Story to name a few. Omg you need to buy some of these and check if they’re like the original and make a tiktok. This is like genius creativity. I find it very commendable. Well i got the lego set for my kid and the quality is quite amazing. Bro I came across “GTA: Dubai” which was basically a modified version of San Andreas.

They are all very good knockoffs and fraction of the cost of the original lego. Western kids are brainwashed into becoming brand conscious since they are in pram. These toy companies extortionate them and encourage to keep buying and collect stickers etc or different dresses. If these stores selling toys which are low priced with same funny not?

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