Dania and Amir Liaquat True Story What Happened

Dania and Amir Liaquat True Story What Happened

Dania is a victim of not only Aamir Liaquat but also of her parents who knowingly married her off to that monster. It doesn’t matter if she is under 18 or above 18, given the power dynamics within desi households, & between her & Aamir, state needs to take responsibility for her.

There is so much that needs unpacking here. Class difference, gender disparity, deprivation, lack of agency to name a few. Sure, she will get away from Aamir, but do we have a mechanism where women can get away from parents who don’t keep interests of their daughters a priority? Why state is responsible for their khula? They themselves are responsible for it and no one else because actions have consequences.

Well the thing is that had her parents not married her to him, then people would had said parents should let the girl use her free-will. Let it be enough tht parents been supportive either way. Stop bringing ones own wrong decision on others. Let the person take his/her mistake with an acknowledgement. What about 11 crore Rs. haq mehr that Amir Liaqat has agreed to give her in case of divorce? If parents are against love marriage, problem. If parents oblige with girl’s choice, again problem. Parents obliged with Danias choice. It was a business deal. Gain gain from both sides. Larki and parents got lottery. Amir got sasti fame and limelight.

She is accusing him of domestic violence that needs to be check immediately. This man is in dire need of help. People please stop speculating nonsense. Does she really strike you as one who would have listened? Innocence? That comes at a terrible price in this world. I agree with a lot of what you said, except that the state needs to be held responsible/accountable. Surprised how they got in contact with aamir liaqat? It was a business deal for her parents.

Well, she was an adult who made a bad judgment; why can’t you just swallow it n hope that she will learn from this mistake n won’t repeat the same mistake again.

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