Hashmi Kajal Eye Liner in Pakistan

Hashmi Kajal Eye Liner in Pakistan

Hashmi Kajal eye liner in Pakistan is world’s best makeup product hands down. If you are a female in Pakistan then there is no way you haven’t heard of Hashmi Kajal. No matter what your age or location or social status is, Hashmi Kajal is a must.

I hate it when people say, “hum toh niqal rahe hain mulk se tum bhi bahir niqal jao” as if it were that easy. bc sar pe maa baap ki koi zimedari hai, bhen bhaiyon ki hai. hum mein se bohat hain jinka jeena marna yaheen likha hua hai. Dania is a victim of not only Aamir Liaquat but also of her parents who knowingly married her off to that monster. It doesn’t matter if she is under 18 or above 18, given the power dynamics within desi households, & between her & Aamir, state needs to take responsibility for her.

But yes it’s banned in many countries for containing toxic levels of lead. Never knew this but it really reacts to my eyes I don’t use it. use Brit highstreet brands like Rimmel as eyepencil which I rarely wear (prefer liquid liner). Ordinary but safer. Every brand from YSL to MAC has kohl. Way better and safe. Begatelle online is one way to get eye liner in Pakistan from anywhere. Hashemi is dangerous because of lead poisoning. Humans lost a lot over two centuries but the recipe to this Product survived & was passed over two centuries and still going on.

Only if a Friend or family coming from Dubai or US they bring my stuff, mostly pages sell fake. Except during the summers when it’s generally smeared all over my face. I haven’t applied it for 3 years hence the romanticism. Long ago, I read an article about high Lead (Pb) content in this mascara and that it has been banned in some countries for this reason. I asked the pukhtoon friend who always wore surma. And she brought me some from her place. It wasn’t hashmi or any brand for that matter. They made their own. Many pakhtun is hilly region made their own but those near or in cities buy this Kajol surma.

I stopped using it ages ago because the lead really hurted my eyes. But New South Wales state government issued a public health alert over the Pakistan-made Hashmi brand products. The kohl cosmetics were found to contain 84% lead, as well as other dangerous metals.

The slightly expensive, steel coloured stick kajal is amazing. Great quality. This one dries quickly. Always wanted to use this. Somehow never did. But it did look gorgeous on friends. I would bring hundreds of these back to the UK every time I went to Pakistan. Tried a lot of different kajals but came back to this one a month back. It is indeed the best. Every time I put this in my eyes, it literally ruins makeup.

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