Pakistani Middle Class is 1 Hospital Bill Away from Poverty

If you live in Pakistan anywhere and are from middle class then you would relate to the fact that Pakistani middle class is 1 hospital away from poverty no matter whether you live in a city or in a town or in a remote village.

Reasons that I could identify:
1. Unemployment.
2. Affordability.
3. Awareness.
4. OPD expenses are not always covered.

Also, if your employer provides you health insurance, I hope you guys are “adequately” covered. Take care everyone. A healthcare system that prioritises treatments over outcomes, is not really centred on patients’ wellbeing. Nobody is concerned about health insurance. People can buy an expensive mobile phone, but won’t think of health insurance. That’s the tragedy.

Premium grows as you age or claim. Individual Medical insurance is a hoax. Only Employer paid or group ins works. After three premiums of no claim, ur premium will be jacked so much that u will opt out & the co keeps the 3 premiums. Every ins co has a specialized dept that works on this hit job. Live healthy. That’s why the vibrancy over the medical free requirement is becoming a thought process in the Indian politics.

38.8% of Indian population is outside of any insurance coverage,threatening to erode their savings with in a week’s stay at a pvt hospital ICU. AB-PMJAY is doing a commendable job in covering the lowermost 40% of the population,but still this 38.8% needs to be insured ASAP. We r having almost 90% cheaper healthcare expenses in India compares to US, and lot of govt facilities available free for almost all common cases.

Depends. Like one family I know, had to spend 18 lakhs when a member got Covid. 18 lakhs for 24 days. The person didn’t even survive. Then someone I know, whose father got cancer. Spent 1.2 crs to fail to save him. Even sold one of their house. I guess either you are a college going lad or you haven’t applied for a job where you do get insurance covered by the company bro period. Do you think its fair?


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