Aamir Liaquat Leaked Videos Full Uncut with Wife Dania

Aamir Liaquat Leaked Videos Full Uncut with Wife Dania

I dislike Amir Liaqat from the core of my heart but his wife was not an angel either and she played with him. Both are garbage and deserves no attention at all. She was after his money and He was after her jawani. Junaid Jamshed tweeted this when Aamir Liaquat abused his mother & now amir liaquat’s whole life has become a curse. May Allah keep us away from such sins Ameen.

Astaghfirullah . Having conflicts and having a toxic relationship is a serious matter .But leaking someone’s videos , especially the videos of the time when your were the spouse of that person is literally disgusting and this practice should be stopped. Drug and alcohol abuse can change a person’s behavior and personality in ways that almost make them seem like an entirely different person. The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “If a man insults you with what he knows about you, do not insult him by what you know about him.
Verily, you will have a reward and the penalty is upon the one who said it.”

I have come to a conclusion it is a split personality disorder along with a lot of other irreversible disorders. Am i the only one who can say law can stop Dania Shah for releasing personal videos of Aamir Liaquat Hussain? Rest of case should be decided in court, but this act is condemnable, unethical & immoral. Junaid Jamshed started his career as a Singer and ended as a Naat-khuwaan. Amir Liaqat started his career as a Naat-khuwaan and ended as a Joker. Lesson learnt : Hidayat is a precious gift that chooses a person regardless of his age, profession or race.

Reason behind Amir Liaqat’s destruction, His first wife left her case to AllAh. “As you sow so shall you reap”. We want this kind of freedom on SM? Youth publicly sharing obscene videos without caring about mothers, sisters on SM as identified below by Cyber Eye. Don’t spoil your careers please as it’s a crime to share such videos irrespective of person in question. She is a weird face of a woman. They were married and we all knew that it’s normal after marriage but making videos and sharing those clips is a question Mark on a woman’s dignity and moral ethics. She must be punished legally for this act of shamelessness.

Syeda Dania has accused Aamir Liaquat of being abusive and violent towards her and has even said that if any harm befalls her or her family, Aamir would be responsible. Islamic scholar Dr. amir Liauqat high on drugs in his leaked video by his wife Dania Shah. Amir Liaquat is a fake scholar from the start. He is a total hypocrite at everything he has ever done. The guy should get cancel, people should not be influenced by this pathetic individual. Hating someone is one thing but leaking someone’s private videos , not matter a guy or a girl , is the most cancerous thing of social media and it’s even more unfortunate when such things are done by your spouse, the one who should be safeguarding.

Allah always show the reality of the person sooner or later. There are number of people like Amir who has used religion for there personal gains. Its really shameful to see what he is in reality. Allah is the greatest planner, dont undermine his powers. Rest of case should be decided in court, but this act is condemnable, unethical & immoral. State should protect Dania. Public opinion that she’s a gold-digger and a liar roots from patriarchal narratives. Most Pakistanis are eagerly waiting for their beliefs to be validated by the investigation and court, but not justice for the victim.

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