Personal Expense of Wives in Pakistan

Personal Expense of Wives in Pakistan

How much your husband gives you as a personal expense ‘kharcha’ for your own needs and fun every month or every week? This is other than the household expense which is normally run by the ladies of the house. I am talking about money for your own fun, needs and other stuff.

I am so effing pissed rn. I am furious. A man who literally earns more than 2 lacs per month gives his wife 2500 rupees per month only for her personal expenses and tells her to do savings. Lanat aisay ghatiya mardon par. People saying the girl could get a job, she had an amazing career, was financially independent, this is watta satta rishta, the girl’s family pressured her into this, she was forced to quit her job and become a house wife. This is just the tip of ice berg and I’m done with this.

It might be different if your foot is in his shoes. It might be that there are even not 2500 for ‘HIS’ personal expenses from that ‘More than 2 lac per month’. Running a household is very expensive these days. Maybe she could get a job and become “aatmanirbhar”? Her husband will really have no say in that! And if he wants her to be a housewife then that family has serious issues. Corporate dude marries colleagues divorcee sister. Earns way more than said colleague I mean 5 digit AED higher end. Gave 50AED mahana kharcha to wife. Colleague got promotion. This guy tells his wife ask your brother to buy me a new sports car.

I wish I could say I’m surprised and shocked but unfortunately it’s something I have been hearing quite a lot recently Infact I recently heard that some men expect the girls parents to give her money for her expenses because “beti tu unki hi hai”. There are men who earn lot more then that and do not give anything to wives except 2 summer joray and 2 winter…. Post this on some Facebook group and all women will tell her to be thankful for getting 2500. His wife should say to her husband, Yeh Rs 2500 bhi apney pass rakho. Men love quoting Islam to oppress women until they realize she’s entitled to 50% of her husband’s income.

Islamically, she is entitled to 0%. The husband has to provide food, accomodation etc. ‘Pocket money’ is optional, though recommend by scholars. This 50% is total bs. This made me so sad, may things get easier for her ameen, in today’s world financial independence is the only thing that saves women from so many problems and empowers them, I wish parents understand this and dont force their daughters into situations where they have to depend. Why do girls assume that 2 lacs kamata hoga tou sara uska apna hoga. Trust me, it can be hard to find spare 5-10k at times.

My father used to earn max 15k and give all the money to my mother only. She used to make sure how it spent and it remains like that till day even after he retired. Whatever comes in our house is under my mother’s custody only and she smh manages it perfectly. Does that include clothes ,visits, medicines and parlor? She is not “allowed” to go to parlor whenever she wants, or any visit to her own family as per her wish. Any dress she would like to wear, she has to “manage” herself. Earn as much as you can because nobody is going to stay with you forever but your mind and money will Therefore, financial independence is of utmost importance, especially for married women letting go of financial control does no good. It results in a skewed relationship.

I have taught my daughter to be well educated, independant and equal in all aspects like my wife is…she should never have to ask for money from her husband…make a career for herself. Already a dentist and content writer soon to fly abroad hopefully for further studies. There are those who may be born in one faith but have none of it in their soul . I know many here ( grown up men with kids ) whose behaviour is similar. They preach money and can’t let go , until they die and still have to leave it all here. I live in UK and I work full time, seven days a week from 8-9 hours per day and everything I earn, I send it to my family who live in Afghanistan. It makes me happy when I send them money.

Man should uplift her, motivate her to freelance/ work from home. He should take care if her finances if he cant let her work.


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