Always Pad Caused Itch Pain Rash and Fever

Always Pad Caused Itch Pain Rash and Fever

A year ago today, I woke up with an Always pad stuck to my bum, after twisting during the night. This caused a rash the next day and after a weekend of pain, I was admitted to hospital with necrotising fasciitis and septic shock. I couldn’t breathe, my kidneys were starting to struggle, my blood wasn’t flowing properly but my pulse was 145bpm. Even though I need emergency surgery, my vitals were so bad that the doctors said I wouldn’t survive it.

I had a blood transfusion and was constantly pumped with drugs to get my blood pressure to increase because it was critically low. Finally on the 20th May, I was strong enough to have my debridement surgery and get the infected tissue in my bum cut out. I spent a total of 10 days in ICU and 7 days on the regular ward. In September I had a follow up skin flap surgery to close the wound of the original surgical site. Please find out what’s going on with your products in Africa. I’ve been using your products for decades here in America and have never heard of this issue. After I noticed the constant irritation from using Always, had to switch to this. Has worked for me so far.

I’ve seen a lot of women in Africa complain about how terrible Always pads are. Pads that I had been using in the UK for 14 years with no issues. I will never use their products again (not that my period has returned since then), and I advise all women in Africa to do the same. It’s even the premium pack I was using. Not the cheapest one. Nothing but chemicals and bad vibes. Never knew it could get this bad. Stopped using Always 2019. It made me itch so bad. Always in constant discomfort. Why is no one talking about the green lady care? So cool nd comfortable and it’s cotton wool that’s inside when opened. It’s chemical free I guess! You see those flat ones that absorbs and turn the liquid to gel.

Always sanitary pad is one of the best menstrual pad in the market now, another good product is Drylove but keep in mind that a lot of fakes dominate the market too. Don’t just publicly cancel a brand cos u had a bad experience after using their product, everyone’s body differs. We’re terribly sorry to hear about your experience. Our products are all rigorously tested to ensure their quality and safety when used as directed, so this is certainly not something we’d expect. Isn’t it short? That’s what I started with as a teenager, then I started having heavy flows and lady care didn’t do much to help.

A couple of years ago, there was a campaign against the discomfort and poor quality of Always pads in Africa. Fast forward to now, it’s still happening. Unfortunately, lots of pads use these same chemicals that cause these reactions. Same with tampons – They cause septic shock. I have always used the Always Platinum variant too, and always ended the periods with a rash. Made the decision to buy menstrual cup, and its been the best decision for me so far. I’m so sorry to hear this. I also stopped using their pads officially 2 years ago. I have always used Always Pad and thought my stinging itching during period was normal not until my friend told me it wasn’t. Stopped using them and it’s been fine.



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