Pet Market Mafia in Pakistan

Pet Market Mafia in Pakistan

Rawalpindi pet market mafia has reached the levels below hell. They are dumping sick dogs & cats in drains – the ones they didn’t feed at all & let them get weak. Instead of calling a vet – they dumped them in drains. Same is the case in Karachi, Lahore, and other places in Pakistan. This is insane and getting out of hands.

There is no mercy in the heart of these shopkeepers. They don’t pay proper taxes as they don’t maintain books on animals they have sold & made profit on. Authorities must punish them and make them pay for the treatment of these animals. Unfortunately, this is their normal routine. Small animal rescue teams/activists have been trying to shed light on this but the media has not been paying attention so far… We have tried to work with so many government officials to either close the pet Markets or regulate them. I know that these are strong people but state is stronger than them and this is a matter of urgency.

That’s horrible & heartbreaking. Almost every pet market in Pakistan resorts to same barbarian practices. Unfortunately, no action will be taken. The fact that these “markets” are able to do this daily without any repercussions means the govt departments are supporting them in exchange for money. Do you know if there is any organization there for this purpose for the rescue? Any charity that would help support these animals? If you know anyone working for the safety and food for these animals, please let me know it or ask them to rescue these animals. I will support them.

This is cruel, every cat and dog should be looked after like your own child. I do feel sorry for them animals who are been dumped when they are ill. Why not just take them to a vet and when they are well give them to a good home to get looked after. Are they rescued? Safe now? There should be a stray home shelter in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and every city of Pakistan. 1 puppy expired after an hour of arrival at the clinic. Rest of the three are doing slightly better after treatment and IV infusions over night, however one of them is having profuse diarrheic, dehydration and sub normal temperature.

We are doing our best to help them out of the trauma, neglect and abuse. Please whole heartedly donate towards their treatment.

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