Sherani Forest Fire Latest Updates

I am begging you please talk about burning pine and wild olive forests in Sherani disrict of Balochistan. Fire has been going on for 10 days, reportedly killing 2 people and injuring many seriously. Activits of the region have been crying for help since the fire was in early.

A total of 31.6 sq km area affected at two different locations, due to 15-day long fire in forests of Sherani district of Balochistan, according to a map generated at Space Application Centre for Response in Emergency and Disasters (SCARED) on May 23. Iranian firefighter plane reached Sherani, started its operation to extinguish forest fire.
“The intensity of fire in the Sherani forest has been greatly reduced.” Our hearts equally burning with the pine nut forest of Sherani, Balochistan. The forest of Pine & Olive Since burning 11 days in koh_e_suleman Sherani. A lot of people has come into gripped of flame. 80% above area of forest completely destroyed. localities are demanding of rescue but they have no value in front of high officials.

Authorities didn’t take notice then. Now it’s out of control. Hundreds of people have their income associated with it. This fire was not because of climate change, the region isn’t that hot. It us state negligence towards our province and it’s people. What is this crap, why does news from Balochistan only rarely reaches us like its an obscure third world country far away from us. Media houses please shore up your presence, highlight issues so that pressure for solution can be applied. Balochistan government and NDMA Balochistan must act before it’s Too late.

My hometown is situated 45 min drive from Islamabad tarbela ghazi from last 4 days this fire is burning everything. Nobody taking notice. For God sake is there someone who can take notice and do something to avoid complete disaster. Well, the climate there is relatively cooler so heat didn’t cause the fire, people there are saying could be because of electrical wires somewhere. Fire was very small in the beginning, could have been controlled if authorities had taken action on time. They didn’t. Still no action.

It’s PPP at the helm of Climate Ministry while NDMA is in federal. So instead of tagging them all, tag those who matter or you seriously don’t want to hold these people accountable the same way you don’t hold PPP accountable for their 14 year run in Sindh? Climate Ministry and NDMA is in hangover. PMLN doesn’t want to take responsibility of any stuff goin on, and PPP currently is living over vibes. The entire country doesn’t have the resources to fight this.

The first was first started 12 days before at Mughal kot area in KP due to thunder lighting and then reached District Sherani of Balochistan and unfortunately the fire is still burning the Pine forest. One can only pray for rain, don’t expect any help from the provincial or federal government, they have more important work like saving their own self interests. Unfortunately forest department Balochistan have not even a good vehicles to reach the fire on tough hilly terrain. Today it’s 14th day of the fire but not controlled yet. It’s a humble request to higher authorities please.



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