Marital Rape In Pakistan Getting Worst

“Marital rape is not a thing. Sex is integral to marriage.”

Yet, many women live in sexless, loveless marriages. Apparently, sex is only crucial in a marriage when men want it, not when women desire it. How many men fulfill their wives’ desires when THEY aren’t in the mood? Men, please just once learn about the many valid medical, emotional, psychological, or social reasons that could make sex uninteresting or difficult for women. Wives don’t deny sex just to be cruel. Somebody I know is practically living a sexless marriage because her husband is apparently not interested, he keeps telling her that they have 2 babies so he doesn’t need it and she shouldn’t insist on it. I feel bad for her. told her to separate but she isn’t financial independent.

Listen, I know you like licking boots but you don’t have to go this far. If it was a man complaining, you’d be busy licking and going “yes sir!”. You might be a kafir so I won’t comment on how big of a sin slander is. But you can most definitely burn in Hell. Ameen & ciao. In many Arab/African ancient cultures female circumcision is a practice, to devoid them of sexual pleasure, while men take multiple wives. Women are merely objects of pleasure & procreation, & not supposed to have agency or carnal desires, is deeply deeply rooted. Revolution should come from the women, with the support of father and brothers. The change should be for educational and employment of women. The movement should succeed to make them financially free them from economic dependency from parent, so will be free from husband slavery.

Women empowerment/ independence movements remain the most maligned & misunderstood ones simply because majority of men don’t wanna lose control over women in their lives. Precisely why they justify it manipulating religion. I think its the men who can turn things around by letting go control. The word consent is a thing that all need to know, n we need to educate our children about the value of this only word. Consent can resolve many issues not only in marital life, but also social lives. Sexualization of marriage is the root cause of men’s unending sexual lust. Marriage is not considered as much emotional or psychological bond as it is regarded a means to reproductive ends for couples. The spirit of marriage is far deeper than mere a male defined sexual relation.

Marriage is more like a tradition and devoid of choice to weather to marry or not. Instead it’s about who and when should one marry. Where is the discussion of the extraction of soul from the man’s body by his women takes away when she go for divorce, we owner them as strong women, the other side the man is put to die inch by inch financially and psychologically. Yes women upliftment is a must but with justice. Perhaps, rape is a strong word. If the rape is there, toxicity of relationship questions the validity of marriage. The real question here is how many men even have the courtesy to ask their spouse before getting into the act? The question of consent is a far off thing. First men need to evolve enough to understand that it’s more of soul level union rather then mere physical act.

“People talk about wage gap, the orgasm gap is out of control. If every time a woman had to have an orgasm to be pregnant there would be only 10 people in the audience tonight.”
Mark Normand

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