Girls Must Never Express Their Feelings in Pakistan

Girls Must Never Express Their Feelings in Pakistan

Remember girls marjana but never express your feelings. It’s not wrong to express your feelings; it depends on other person, either he is a gentle man or chutiya. So like if it is the other way around, does it also mean that girls can either be sweet or chutiye? Gender equality, right?

What are you supposed to do if you read it as ” mariuana”? I also read it “mariuana” instead of marjana. Exactly why if you express your feelings, then they leave the funeral of your feelings. Been there done that and he said to me “Behan” 😀 Glad it didnt work out for me. Sounds like us as a nation pride over life I agree any wonder that we are a lost nation. And did you also know that we have more women than man and we don’t use our majority and minority rule hence we are in shit street. But not everyone’s story end up like you. Boys marjana but never ask her out.

I think do express is sy pehly bht dair hojye.. galat fehmi mei rehny sy behtr hai sort that soon. Well, I wanted someone to experience this before i came to any conclusion. I don’t know all of those who expressed are now dying from inside after doing this. People get arrogant and start considering them worthless if they do so. One should have feelings first express or not that comes later. Girls marjana per kisi k kaam na ana. Expressing feelings is ok but over expressing is not good.

May Allãhu, in His infinite mercy, strengthen us through all odds and take us out victorious. Yar i forgot that instagram account, where my friend ordered this book. I will ask her to find again then will tell. Sorry, i have a doubt: if 2 believers are one a Taliban and the other a victim od them, the Almighty has a lot to do to choose between them. Sometimes Religion, a good thing for other reasons, becomes the mirror of our believing and saves ourselves from the doubt. That hardest battle is to kill your own ego and make things easy for yourself.

There is literally an ayah in Quran which says “Allah doesn’t punish them when they are seeking forgiveness”. There is a Persian sentence that says be with God and reign. Well, you don’t need to change yourself for anybody” is totally valid as long as it doesn’t include changing yourself for the better. understand that this life is not a competition, we all learn and grow and evolve everyday. You’d find yourself helpless in so many situations but Allah has authority over everything, only way to cope with that helplessness is always expect good from Allah when you know nothing about “what’s going to happen” & free yourself from worries which is taking you to negativity. Well such is the lesson of  life.

When you actually start listening the voice of your soul and adopt that deep silence, only few people stay in your life just to feel your existence around. There is no crowd of people and thoughts which bothers you. That moment of silent pain which gives peace. A painful life leads you to God. It makes you realize what a person has to go through in certain circumstances. You as a person will never wish it upon others. Whereas, painlessness makes you heartless.



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