Biggest Financial Problem in Pakistan

Biggest Financial Problem in Pakistan

I think my biggest financial problem is I grew up poor asf so now that I make my own money I don’t know how to budget. I’m always gonna spend the extra penny for quality cause I can and I hate the feeling of being limited on what I can do bc of a price tag.

I had to mute this cause sheeeesh. Imma just say pls pay attention and take care of your mental health! Take some time when you need too, do things that make you happy, spend time with friends and family. We’re usually our own biggest enemy. My family is not poor, but my parents teach me to make money even i still am student right now, i do it by doing online surveys that pay me dollars for my needs. Than i think that’s enough money for me. I have the same issue. It’s a mixture of being afraid of not having the money for what you want & lack of self control. With the bar chart you can visually track where your spend is starting to exceed your income. And tbh I found visualizing savings helped it feel like a tangible thing.

This is jst me,i don’t care how long i’ve been financially stranded once i got the papers i bought all the nice things nt minding how tomorrow gone be. I’m always treating myself to nice things cause I never had nice things growing up. The financial freedom is liberating but the guilt is paramount cause there is constant anxiety I’m gonna go down a poverty path. This is a bit like how I feel too. Though I wouldn’t say we never had nice things, we were always careful about spending money. So when I bought a Switch for €300, I kinda felt guilty for spending so much money and worried that something’s going to happen.

My fam of 3 survived on child support grant (5 years). Then my NSFAS allowance below R800(4 years).R5k from a 1yr internship. Then R0 when it ended. R5k again in another 1 year. My relationship with money is inconsistent. I spend and save out of fear. I can relate to this. Hence when I got my first job, I was on a roll! I did everything I always wanted to do without a second thought. I was advised to save but never did. Now that I am running a business, I am seeing flames. I have def learnt many important lessons. Do a spreadsheet with a graph. Pop into it all your outgoings and incomings, graph it as a barchart. And have a section of forecasted savings, with Actual savings then graph as a line chart. Having the visual really helped me see how far we’d come in terms of savings.

I grew up poor and I’m still preeeetyy damn poor, but even with what little money I have, I learned a valuable lesson. Don’t cheap out on the quality of your food if you’re the one cooking it. It will be healthier and far more flavorful. Even if you spend an extra 10 dollars. Just remind yourself the difference between NEEDING something and WANTING something… start little and put 20’s or 100 dollars away every check pocket all that money in a savings and build your credit up. our credit score is absolutely essential. Write down, or use your phone, to create a budget-utilities, plastic, student loans, etc-and stick to that. Pay bills on time. It isn’t rocket science.

Read: Rich Dad Poor Dad and Your Money or Your Life. Live on less than you make. Quality last longer but cost more. I have had purses that cost more than the car I drove, cars don’t matter to me. Make a plan & stick to it. I’m the opposite, i grew up poor with 2 alcoholic parents. It made me a tightwad. I make sure I always have enough for rent, bills, and necessities. Although I go without luxuries like designer shit or the newest tech, I feel secure when I have money in the bank. No problem with that just moderate your spending and focus on saving/investing first and foremost after bills. I’d just sit down and write a monthly/weekly budget so instead of binge spending one day you will soon realize, oh if I take this spending.

Money from this week and save it up for next week or month I can buy this nice thing I wanted. Doesn’t matter if that’s a car or some nice clothes etc. if I have a goal of a purchase I want to make I have a spare account I’ll auto draft every month from.

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