Eco Friendly Transportation in Pakistan

During the course of overcoming load shedding, encouragement for Hybrid/Electric Vehicles usage will be devised. Reliance on oil for transport/electricity has to be minimized at rapid pace. Citizens must be facilitated when they adopt eco friendly transportation.

I was talking to my buddy in Canada, They reach offices at 7am, while their Sunrises around 5:45am. Our offices open @ 8:30am, even our sun rises @ 5:00am. Why are we doing this to ourselves? Better to instead focus on using @SwvlPakistan fleet to create intercity transport. Use @ezBikePK to promote electric bikes. There’s another lhe based founded elexis bike who’s ready with prototype, needs funds. EV cars add far much to our forex bill right now. Network of Public transport train, bus, tube required in major cities of Pakistan especially Karachi. It would require same spaces for parking, either at homes or markets. Already urban infrastructure is elitist means more funds for road wideing/underpasses/flyovers. Most vulnerable segments would further marginalised. Hope you would revisit it with open heart and mind. People will install solar themselves due to economic viability now. All government needs to do is create public awareness and reduce red tapism at WAPDA for installation of net meter,

So cheaper financing for electric vehicles, less import duties, extended tax exemptions for assembly / manufacturing in Pakistan, charging stations across cities & motorways and increase in renewable based electricity generation at competitive prices bechmarked with the world. At least make these hybrid vehicles import free for 5 year used. Hybrid vehicles cost is out of reach for majority awam. if you really value our (the citizens) feedback here on twitter, kindly advise government to run a nationwide campaign to convince Pakistanis to adopt solar power for their homes, offices and businesses. Doing so will reduce import of expensive fuel to run power plants. The cheapest EV available cost around 70 lac and hybrid cost around 40 lac… Been trying to shift to electric for sometime but no options available… If government could relax taxation on electric and hybrid vehicles and made them somewhat affordable m sure many will switch. And if government somehow manage it, than make sure the these relaxation are passed on to public and they r not robbed in the name of “own money”.

Incentivise adoption of ‘green’ power generation alternatives. Banks can finance cars worth millions, but why can’t they finance solar cells and batteries for residential users? Reduce or totally abolish tax for quick adoption by masses, help save billions of $ worth import bill. Please return back the big vehicles from the army,judges and civil service.Manage to finish the special seats from assemblies and in place 5 years economic emergency. Please do not put all pressure on poor and middle class. Saturday – Sunday holiday should be announced. Shopping malls, markets must get close at 8 pm. Other than general stores, pharmacies, food points there should be a strict schedule for markets.

How about make Solar easy and must of in new house? RIGHT now net metering is too time consuming. Then govt should come out of just rhetoric and take concrete steps , 17% tax on solar panels has been withdrawn but prices of solar panels have soared , regularise this industry with strict oversight and bring prices down for avg people to even think installing solar system. And as far as hybrid cars r concerned , they r not manufactured locally and there is ban on all automobile imports how are we supposed to go hybrid. EV is purported as substitute to fossil fuel and resultant decrease in emissions to save environment. However, it’s still is part of problem and not solution. How? EVs are not manufactured locally so forex to go. Traffic issues exacerbate. Urban design remain unchanged.

What we need? Urban policy based upon inclusion, efficiency, economy n healthy environment. Make cities run through LGs equipped with urban engineers, planners, social scientists n demograpghers. Make designs for pedestrians, cyclists. More spaces for kids and women. Public transport run through private sector not through inexperienced bureaucrats. Elite schools to ply buses n make their NOCs subject to it. Solar net metering is now a feasible option due to high electricity cost. Government can provide loans at reduced rates for installation of Solar Systems at home. Pakistan can create its own electricity. Government does not need to spend a single penny.

PM has banned import of all vehicles including hybrid and electric. Have the ban lifted first and also reduce the R. duty to 10% instead of 50%-100%. Import of 5-7 years old vehicles be also allowed. This budget should see this all announced by Finance Minister. Day Light Saving should be implemented in the country to minimize energy consumption and increased productivity. Need to introduce traffic management programs in major cities where limited number of private cars to be allowed on a particular day to encourage ride sharing. Also need to focus on encouraging adoption of solar solution. Abolish GST. Subsidize the panel /inverter. Revive 6% financing by banks. Self generation of electricity can lower burden on national grid.


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