Hayat Khan Leaked Viral Video Dance

Hayat Khan has run to Dubai after hayat khan leaked viral video dance on the dirty steps and other scandals surface again. Hayat Khan is a private party dancer and she has very cheap rates for day and for the full night.

Do I be disappointed with less and less screen time to Hayat Khan? Or Do I trust Hayat Khan Saeed’s judgment about the role. Why are they not giving as much screen time to Hayat Khan’s character as the character deserves? The poor guy wanted to escape but Badshah begum dint let him. This boy’s performance is getting better n better. I really love Shahmir’s scenes with ZaraNoorAabbas Hayat Khan feel pity him,he came running,n has to bear this all because his sis n dad wants that.

How nonchalantly she was emotionally Manipulating HIM. There’s a Feel & Relatability when they both talk to Dadi about random things and just listens to her So carefully. If you haven’t seen this interview, what are you even doing. Hayat Khan was so to the point , accurate and open to all questions. He isn’t beating around the bush with sugar coated answer. He is what he is 🔥 What a bombastic interview hassan choudary. You question all, which we wanted to ask to him.

I have to confess he is such a brilliant ACTOR & He deserves this compliment king of Romance. He is soo humble so down to EARTH and very well Eloquent he knows his craft and he is soo hard working. I watched all episodes in one day & it’s not even a single episode I’ve watched without smiling.Obsessed with hamza’s character. And they are coming together in a show after 6 years.

One can never forget that how these two serve us with the best couple goals. Hamza Inner-self after Getting to Know that they are Expecting. Hayat Khan Saeed and Urwa Hocane have definitely gotten back together and are going to be seen together onscreen soon in a Hum TV project! The drama will be directed by their mutual friend Qasim Ali Mureed and will be called ‘Meri Shehzadi Diana’.

My hopes are really high from the drama that both of you will be a part of and I will blame Udaari for raising the bar that high so it better be worth watching you guys.

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