Who is Zunaira Mahum and What Has She Done Full Story

YouTuber Zunaira Mahum, whose recent interview of minor girl Dua Zehra and her husband Zaheer Ahmed generated a backlash, has said that she was talking to the couple through police and lawyers, not directly. So who is Zunaira Mahum and what has she done the full story is here.

After successful interview of Jam e Shirn by failed model actress Zunaira Mahum, she has decided to interview all other drinks including sugarcane juice. How come this so called Youtuber have access to meet #DuaZehra ?But her real parents are not allowed. Clearly seen this interview has planted and Fake. Is Zaheer can’t able to speak? Please everyone REPORT this woman youtube channel and any other SM page named Zunaira Mahum. This “Zunaira Mahum” looks a part of this gang involved in Human trafficking. We will not leave alone to #DuaZehra and their parents.

Beware of so called “journalist”, Zunaira Mahum. she has character assassinated many people, mostly women & continue to produce clickbait videos which are watched by millions! She constantly promoting Dua Zehra’s marriage & supporting potential trafficking. If Zunaira Mahum can get access to Dua and Zaheer, then why not other journalists from Mainstream media? Time to study for physics paper 2 tomorrow after just giving the crappiest a level biology exam of my life. This interview is an Elite level slap on Zunaira Mahum’s Face. Zunaira Mahum and Jam-e-Shireen must also be investigated as accomplices in a potential trafficking case.

Zunaira Mahum is an accomplice in this crime by constantly creating false narrative in this case under paid sponsorship! Mahdi Kazmi Sahab, poori duniya bhi aap K khilaaf ho, I am standing right here with my conscience clear that I never once doubted you! Allah sab dekh raha hai. A Woman is never impressed by a Man’s money, It’s his Akhlaaq and Adab which wins her heart. There is no greater power than the Power of God! May God extricate Pakistan from its current predicament and protect it from those who do not wish well for our country. She said she’s 17. After few mins she says she born in 2006. And if u calculate from 2006-2022 it’s 16 years old. Everything scripted and lie. I still support her parents.

Host of Dua Zehra interview, Zunaira Mahum, a pre planned interview showing her aim to get more fame sponsored by Jam e Sherin. This is propaganda by this YouTuber (Zunaira Mahum; a cheap low class woman banking on cheap popularity)in collaboration with kidnapping/grooming gang. Dua Zehra is confined inside an unknown house with no permission to meet her parents. she need our prayers. Zunaira Mahum is a propaganda machine from day one for #Zaheer, Her YT videos are evidence of that, She can go to any extent for views, Here are Thumbnail of some of her YT videos, Which are enough to prove her credibility. What a strange world we are all living in really.



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